2018 Team Info

Welcome to Medina Swimming!

Team Information:  

Our main information hub is our website: 

​The website is updated weekly (Sundays) with the information for the upcoming week, as well as any practice changes for that week. Please check this website often! 


Registration: Registration for the swim team must be completed in 2 steps.  

  1. Payment to the MCRC for Group Rates. 
  1. See the fall/winter flier for group rates. There are five different groups the Green, White, Yellow, Senior and HS group. If you are unsure which group to sign up for please talk to the coaches. You must pay your group rates at the front desk of the MCRC. 
  1. Payment of team fees to the Medina Makos through the website. 
  1. You must pay your Makos Team fees, which are $150 per swimmer, through the Makos web site under the Fall/Winter Registration Tab. The $150 includes your USA membership, a team t-shirt and two latex caps along with coaching and website fees.  

Both must take place prior to the 2nd week of practice, or swimmers will not be allowed to practice.

College Makos- Former Medina Makos swimmers that are swimming in college and want to continue to practice while they are home from school, etc. This fee is $100 paid by check to the Medina Makos and placed in the green mailbox at the pool. This fee includes your USA membership.  


Note: All new swimmers to the team are allowed a one week trial before having to register for the team and USA Swimming. 


Meets/Meet Fees:  

We offer a number of local dual meets and a few travel meets for all members of our team. We typically attend one to two local meet per month. Families may sign up for meets using our website. You will be able to log in to your family account and select which meets and days you would like to attend. The coaches will choose your swimmer’s events. Once the meet deadline passes, no changes will be made to our team entry. After the meet takes place, those families who signed up for the meet will be charged via the credit card on file. There are event fees and a $3 Makos surcharge, as well as a $2 Lake Erie surcharge for each swimmer that attends a Lake Erie meet. 


New this yearWe will have one dual meet per month at the MCRC with Strongsville. You will also sign up for these dual meets through the web site. There will now be a $5 charge per swimmer to cover the cost of the officials and sanctioning the meet. 


Parent Volunteering/Fundraising:  

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of our team and any meets that we host. We host two meets large USA meets Sunday, Jan 28th, the Andy Kuhl Age Group Meet, and Sunday, Feb 25th, the Regional Championships, both meets are at the MCRC. Parents are EXPECTED to volunteer their time during the meets we host. Parents can sign up to volunteer on the website within the Meet/Events page.  


New this yearOne member of each family will need to volunteer for 1 session each meet a total of 2 sessions.  Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee for each session not volunteer a maximum of $50.   

Fundraising is a very important aspect of the Medina Makos Swim Team. Fundraising helps cover many of our costs. It helps to provide the best environment for our swimmers, by using the funds to hire more coaches, purchase equipment, etc. More information will be available at the Mandatory Parent Meeting and on the Medina Swimming website. 


New this yearWe will have a USA swim-a-thon in December each swimmer is expected to attend and raise $25 or more for the team. More information about this fundraiser will be on the website in November.   


Uniform & Equipment: Must wear a Team suit and Makos Cap.  


New this year: All non HS swimmers on the team must have a team suit to compete in meets. This can be purchased at Aquatic Outfitters in Canton, Ohio. For your convenience Aquatic Outfitters will also be at the pool for fittings in September and possible November. You will be informed of these dates through the weekly email.  

All swimmers may also purchase extra Medina Makos team caps for meets. 
These can be purchased from your swimmer’s coach, $10 each for Silicone and $5 for Latex. These can be billed directly to your Member Account or paid in cash at the pool.  

If you have any questions, please direct your questions to or talk to your swimmers coach before or after practice.