Swim Groups

West Ottawa Swim Club strives to engage and teach athletes, of all ages and ability levels, the sport of swimming in a fun, challenging, and safe environment.

We encourage all swimmers that meet the team requirements to try competitive swimming.  If you have questions about our team, or where your swimmer fits best, please contact Sam Hoekstra at westottawaswimclub@gmail.com


Age Group Swimming

This is our entry level group.  This team is split into divisions based on age and experience in competitive swimming, each with differing requirements for participation. If you have questions or concerns regarding our age group program in particular, please contact Kayla Larsen--klarsen0507@gmail.com.

8 & under

Requirements:  Athletes must be able to swim 25 yards on their stomach and 25 yards on their back without stopping.

9-12 yrs - WEST Group (W group)

Requirements:  Athletes must be able to swim 25 yards on their stomach and 25 yards on their back without stopping. The WEST group is for the brand new swimmer to West Ottawa Swim Club

9-12 yrs OTTAWA Group (O group)
The OTTAWA group is for the returning swimmer to West Ottawa Swim Club who has had at least one season of competitive swimming.

9-14 yrs SWIM Group (S group)
The SWIM group is for the returning swimmer who is an experienced competitive swimmer, who can swim all four strokes and has at least 3 seasons of competitive swimming experience, or Middle School Swim Team experience.

Varsity (High School, going into 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade)

Varsity Group is for incoming Freshmen thru 12th grade swimmers, who want to improve their swimming ability for the upcoming varsity seasons.

USA Swimming

Swimmers who would like to join USA should have, or be working towards 4 legal strokes and be willing to commit fully to the practice and competition schedule of each respective USA Group. If you have questions or concerns about the requirements for USA please contact Sam Hoekstra - westottawaswimclub@gmail.com.


The initial USA group when moving up from age group swim team. Primarily 10 & under. This group primarily works on improving stroke and transition technique, as well as learning more advanced training techniques. This group is expected to be at a majority of practices, and participate in meets to measure improvement.
WHITE Group Coach: Emeline Root (rooteme@mail.gvsu.edu)


This training group is composed primarily of  athletes 11-14,  Athletes in this group should be able to perform all four competitive strokes and appropriate turns/transitions. This group is expected to actively participate in meets and should be present for most practices.  

Black Group Coach: Elizabeth Fris(frise@westottawa.net) and Paul Benelink(pbengelink@gmail.com)


This group is comprised primarily of high school age athletes and above, middle school swimmers may participate in this group with the coaches permission, provided they have achieved cuts to show they are ready for advanced training. Athletes participating in this group should show commitment to training in practices, and participation in meets is required.  
Senior Group Coach: Sam Hoekstra(sthoek01@gmail.com)