Enter Meets

Meet Participation

As members of the WAVE, each swimmer/diver is part of making the season successful. Missing a meet due to family vacation, camp or any other planned event, is completely OK but please let us know by using the sign-up procedure below to inform the coaches whether the swimmers are available or not.

If your child does not want to participate in meets that is ok too. Please use the same procedure to let us know. Meets should not be a cause for anxiety or upset. Winning or losing an event doesn’t matter as much as learning to perfect each stroke and having a fun time.



Last Minute Sickness

If your child is ill and not able to participate in a meet, please contact Coach Kevin or Coach Brittany by e-mail as soon as possible. There might still be an opportunity to find an alternate.

Swim Meets Sign-up Procedure

Please let us know of your child(ren) meet availability by signing up on the web site prior to the deadline.
Sign-up procedure: Go to and login using your password. On the bottom left hand side of home page, locate the meet you want to sign-up for and select "Attend this Event" button then select "Yes, please sign-me up for this event" or "No, thanks, I will NOT attend this event". Click on "Save Changes".

The sign-up deadline for a Wednesday meet is the prior Sunday.

Only swimmers who are sign-up by the deadline will be entered in the meet. No-shows at meets are highly discouraged as it is a waisted opportunity for a teammate to experience the meet.



Diving Meets Events

8&u- Forward dive and 1 other dive from any group.
10&u-Forward dive and 2 other dives from 2 groups.
12&u- Forward dive and 3 other dives from 2 groups.
14&u- Forward dive and 3 other dives from 3 groups.
18&u- Forward dive and 4 other dives from 3 groups.

Developmental Meets

If your child wishes to swim in the Saturday developmental meets, you must sign up each week before the meet. Parents need to sign up on the web site using the same procedure described above. Only swimmers who select “Yes, I will attend this event” will be entered in developmental meets. 


The sign-up deadline for a Saturday developmental meet is the previous Wednesday.

Cut-Off Times for developmental meets:

Once your child swims faster than a cut-off time, he/she is now moving up and no longer allowed to take part in that specific event in developmental meets.

25 yards Freestyle:
6 & Under Girls: 19.00
6 & Under Boys: 18.90
8 & Under Girls: 19.00
8 & Under Boys: 18.90
9-10 Girls: 16.90
9-10 Boys: 16.80

50 yards Freestyle:
8 & Under Girls: 42.90
8 & Under Boys: 42.20
9-10 Girls: 37.10
9-10 Boys: 36.40

11-12 Girls: 34.10
11-12 Boys: 32.70
13 & Over Girls: 31.20
13 & Over Boys: 26.80

100 yards Freestyle:
11-12 Girls: 1:19.80
11-12 Boys: 1:17.00
13 & Over Girls: 1:10.50

13 & Over Boys: 1:06.50

25 yards Breaststroke:
8 & Under Girls: 25.20
8 & Under Boys: 25.40
9-10 Girls: 21.40
9-10 Boys: 21.80

50 yards Breaststroke:

11-12 Girls: 43.20
11-12 Boys: 43.20
13 & Over Girls: 40.90
13 & Over Boys: 38.30

25 yards Backstroke:
6 & Under Girls: 22.50
6 & Under Boys: 22.20
8 & Under Girls: 22.50
8 & Under Boys: 22.20
9-10 Girls: 20.40
9-10 Boys: 19.90

50 yards Backstroke:

11-12 Girls: 39.60
11-12 Boys: 38.70
13 & Over Girls: 36.80
13 & Over Boys: 35.30

25 yards Butterfly:
8 & Under Girls: 22.60
8 & Under Boys: 22.20
9-10 Girls: 20.20
9-10 Boys: 19.00

50 yards Butterfly:

11-12 Girls: 40.00
11-12 Boys: 39.60
13 & Over Girls: 35.90
13 & Over Boys: 33.30



To qualify for championships a swimmer must swim in at least 3 Wednesday dual meets. Each team in the league limited to entering FOUR swimmers per event at championships. If your child does not make it to champs, please do not let them become discouraged they will have other opportunities if they continue to swim.