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Jobs Descriptions

Ready to sign up for your 3 jobs?

Thank you for taking the time to understand the volunteer job assignments.  As each family is required to complete three jobs throughout the season, some like to do the same thing three times and some like to switch it up and have variety. Please jump in with both feet and let's make this another awesome summer swim team season!

Don't be shy about trying something new...we can train you quickly on the spot for most of the below assignments.  If it takes a bit more instruction than a quick "this is how you do it" at the start of a meet, that will be indicated below.

Swim Meet Required Volunteers
STARTER - Starts each event with an appropriate starting device; asks whether judges and timers are ready; announces gender, distance and stroke; directs "Take your mark."; pauses to ensure no early start; gives starting signal and calls false start if needed.  This person also doubles as ANNOUNCER at our meets.  The ANNOUNCER calls swimmers to the clerk of course for each event; announces scores, and other needed information to the two teams during the meet.


KID PUSHERS - One or two from each team, per age and gender group, to gather up the swimmers to be brought to the clerk of course when the event is first called by the announcer. Once gathered then bring the swimmers, in event order, to the benches in their lane positions.

** We will have LIMITED kid pushers again this year.  We will be allowing parents to be their own kid pushers. We will be emphasizing parents to pay attention to the announcer so swimmers do not miss a race. 


CLERK OF COURSE - Get swimmers to proper starting blocks for their events and get event slips to the recorder.


TIMERS - Stand at the end of a swim lane and time the main event swimmers.  Timer may be timing one of our swimmers or one of the opposing team's swimmers.  Each swim lane, we have 8 lanes at Bedford, uses two timers for each meet.


1st/3rd/5th PLACE JUDGE - Stands on finisher's side of pool with other place judges, is assigned a specific PLACE to watch for and judges which swimmer comes in that place.  Home team judges 1st/3rd/5th places and away team judges 2nd/4th/6th place in the main events only.


RECORDER - Records place finishes and winning time on event slip from place judge positions and can adjust for disqualification’s.  *Good idea to work a meet as a place judge help you understand how this process works.


SCORERS - Records place finishes from the event and disqualification slips (that come from the RECORDER) and scores the meet from this information.  The SCORER will sit with the ribbon writers.


RUNNERS - One from each stroke and turn judge to the recorder with disqualification slips. Two other runners that alternate from the recorder to the scorers with event slips with places recorded and any disqualification slips.


STROKE AND TURN JUDGE - Judges whether proper stroke, turn and finish are executed by the swimmers during the meet.  This judge will disqualify swimmers during the meet for stroke/turn mistakes.  *This job requires outside training that the team will pay for for interested persons.


RIBBON WRITERS - Complete award ribbons with information given by RECORDER and distribute into the swimmers' folders.


Heat Ribbon Distribution - Hands out ribbons to swimmers for the non-main event heats.  This is the heat winner ribbons and the heat participation ribbons.


TSA REPRESENTATIVE - Represents the swim club on the TSA board of directors. This involves attending several meetings during the year.  Works as the representative of the TSA at the season's swim meets. Resolves or takes to the TSA board any events of question. Sets up officials meeting before the swim meets.  Makes sure all TSA rules are adhered to during the meet.  *This job takes training outside of a quick lesson.  It is a commitment beyond the regular meets each week.


Volunteer Check-In help and Hospitality - Assist in checking in and organizing volunteers for the meet.  When all volunteers are placed, spends the rest of the meet visiting those volunteers on a rotating basis to assure they are doing well, and to offer them waters as the meet goes on.


Floater - Takes any job that is missing a volunteer during the meet.  May fill in as a timer reliever, or take an entire shift for a volunteer that unexpectedly cannot complete the job.


Non-Meet related volunteer jobs - Many of these will count as more than one of your required 3 and volunteering for any of these will come with any necessary training!!


Team Managers -   2017--Emily Kozubowski, Kristen Purcell, Michele Puckett, Kathryn Kiel and Milne Burgess

Job description...coming soon 


Registrar -  2017--Milne Burgess and Emily Kozubowski

Set up registration software for beginning of season.  Maintain registered swimmers' roster.  Submit roster to TSA.  Manage registration payment collections in conjunction with team treasurer.  Research and authorize treasurer to process refund requests.  Submit a copy of roster to AMG in a team book to be kept at front gate.


Treasurer -  2017--Melissa Carrier

Accepts all registration payments, deposits to team account.  Approves all expenditures based on season budget as prepared by team managers.  Approves all registrations, in computer, as complete upon payment and volunteer assignments are made. 


Wacky Wednesday-Meet the Sponsors-Season Kick-off Party Coordinator - 2017-- Michele Puckett

Invites each of our sponsors to participate in an outside celebration of the season starting with games and goodies from our team sponsors.  Great way to say thank you to each of our dedicated sponsors, for new team members to meet the coaches away from the pool deck, and get your team t-shirts.


T-shirts -  Kustom Koozies, one of our sponsors is our t-shirt vendor.  2017--Michele Puckett

Work with designer to create team t-shirt.  Check with team managers to confirm price range, print text for front of shirts.  Logos of our sponsors go on back.  Obtain sponsor logos from Fundraising Chairs, and t-shirt sizes from registrar.  Order shirts, arrange pick up or delivery, deliver shirts to Team Managers by Sponsor Kick-off party (day after time trials).


Caps - 2017--Michele Puckett

Research best quality/price choice for team swim caps.  Order team caps based on number needed from registrar, and ensure delivery in time for Sponsor Kick-off party (day after time trials).


Banner -     2017--Kathryn Kiel

Research best price/quality choice for sponsor banner to be hung at pool throughout the season.  Size:________  Obtain sponsor logos from Fundraising chairs.  Order and arrange delivery or pick up in time to have banner hung at Time Trials.


Ribbons -  2017-- Emily Cleverly

Order and maintain enough ribbons for a two year supply.  Prepare ribbons to be distributed at each of the home meets.   Ensure ribbon writers have necessary supplies to write the ribbons at our home meets.


Trophies -   2017-

Order trophies for our swimmers to be handed out at the end of season party.  Research best price vendor, get approval from Treasurer on amount, place order, arrange delivery or pick up.  Sort trophies at the end of season party (table display) for Managers and Coaches to distribute to swimmers.


Special recognition Coaches' Awards -     2017-

Using information from Coaches, create a certificates for Most Improved, MVP, and Coaches' Award.  There are typically 1 of each for male and female, in each age group.  Have printed for distribution by the Coaches at the end of season party.


Raffle Coordination -  2017 Michele Puckett

For the end of season party we have a raffle with goods donated by residents and local businesses.  This coordinator will solicit items, pick up or arrange dilivery of items in time for the end of season party.  Prepare a display of donated items for the raffle to take place at the party.  Coordinate giving raffle tickets to swim team families present at the party, and assist in drawing winners for the prizes.


Pool Gate attendant during practice times

During practice, both morning and evening, we need an attendant to sit at the gate to identify swim team participants as they enter for practice.  Participants are allowed to come to practice without their parents regardless of age, but they must be identified by one of our adult team members and they must have their family's key card to enter.  A book with the swim team roster will be provided to the attendant for look up as necessary.  This job is only assignable for a week long commitment of either morning times or evening times and each week of volunteering will count as one of the three needed by each family.  

The morning job time:  8:50-10:20AM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 

The evening job time:  4:50-6:20PM, Monday-Thursday.  Once the swim meets start, no Tuesdays


TSA Championship Meet Coordinator:   2017--Kathryn Kiel

This coordinator works with the season coaches and helps identify swimmers who desire and are eligible to participate in representing our team at the city wide TSA championship meet at the end of our regular season.  This commitment is labor intensive for about two weeks at the end of the season.  Collecting registrations, timing swimmers for time entries, organizing relay teams, completing our team registration and payment with TSA and organizing the details for the swimmers that day.