Spring an Summer INFORMATION



Locations: Neptune Aquatic Center & Spring Lake and Deal Casino, Ocean Ave Deal

2017 Spring / Summer Swim Session

                                   Session One – Spring - April 3 – June 16 at the NAC

 Session Two - Summer - June 19 – August 8 

Session Two - Indoor/Outdoor swim will be at the NAC/Deal Casino


This is a great opportunity for High School swimmers, and younger swimmers to learn to move to the next level! We will be training daily, as well as working on all stroke techniques, starts and turns.  The Spring Session is open to swimmers aged 6-18yrs.  This session is great for all ages and abilities. However, since it is not swimming lessons, swimmers must be able to swim at least two competitive strokes and two lengths (50 yards) of the pool.  




For more information email Coach Paul at: coachpaulmb@aol.com or www.monmouthbarracudas.com  


Note: Spring and Summer swimmers will also be participating in swim meets

 (Current Barracudas only!)


Fee for Each Session: $200 – Current Monmouth Barracudas ONLY ( & Family members)

Fee for Each Session: $325 – Non – Barracudas

^^Current High School swimmers  $150 High School Rate


PLEASE NOTE THERE IS ALSO AN EVENING Summer Swim Team AT THE NAC for AGES 14 under for Summer – Please contact Sara at spalumbo@neptune.k12.nj.us.  This is a great program!


SESSION ONE/SPRING:     Monday April 3– June 16, 2017

*** PLEASE NOTE - No Sessions April 10th – 17th


SWIM MEETS FOR CURRENT BARRACUDAS- YOU NEED TO REGISTER FOR SPRING/SUMMER MEETS BY MARCH 1st! (New athletes will not swim meets unless you meet with Coach Paul personally to discuss)


SESSION Yale: Ages 10/under - Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 6:30-7:30pm


SESSION California: Ages 11-12 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm


SESSION Michigan AGES 13-14- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6:30-8:30pm-

SESSION Kentucky and Pennsylvania: Ages 12/over –   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 6:30-8:30pm


Current GROUP HAWAII SWIMMERS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-8:30pm






SESSION TWO/SUMMER:   Monday June 19 - August 8, 2017



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:15-8:00am at DEAL CASINO POOL

Tuesday and Thursday– 6:15-8:00am SPRING LAKE BEACH and Pool  ** By Invitation Only


SESSION HARVARD: Ages 11-14 – Monday, Wednesday – 6:15-8:00am at DEAL CASINO and Tuesday and Thursday at the Spring Lake pool. ** swimmers may attend either the Deal or Spring Lake pool on Tuesday and Thursdays.


SESSION BROWN:  Ages 12/under - Thursday Friday – 6:15 – 8:00am  AT THE NAC



Monday, Wednesday – 6:15- 8:00am Deal Casino Pool

Tuesday and Thursday– 6:15-8:00am SPRING LAKE BEACH  ** invite only   Friday TBA

** Keep this form for schedule and times / registration/payment due by Friday March 17, 2017 next page for details **







                                                              2017 Spring/Summer Swim Session                                                                            

Email: coachpaulmb@aol.com   www.monmouthbarracudas.com

Locations: Neptune Aquatic Center & Deal Casino, Ocean Ave Deal


Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club c/o Preferred Billing Service, LLC

                       PO Box 304 Lincroft, NJ 07738-0304     *Billing questions call 732-842-0431 fax 732 842 0432



Please send your completed Registration and Payment by Friday March 17, 2017



** If you were part of the 2016/2017 Early Bird – Please complete & mail in this form and note session (s) that your child will be attending **




Swimmer’s Name:_________________________/______________________/______________________

Parents Name___________________________________________________________

(Please include your middle initial)  First/Middle Initial/Last


Date of Birth _________M/D/Y  Age:_______  Address/City/Zip:________________________________ 


Ph.:____________________Cell:__________________ Emergency Contact:_______________________


EMAIL REQUIRED!:_______________________Allergies/Medical Conditions:_____________________


Are you currently a member of Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club?   Yes     No


Fee for Each Session:

$200 – Current Monmouth Barracudas ONLY Fee  

$325 – Non – Barracudas

^^Current High School swimmers email coachpaulmb@aol.com for High School Rate

(* please note for BROWN group – 10/under – Session 2/Summer only  $120*)


_________  Session One - Spring: Monday April 3 – June 16, 2017 **no session 4/10-4/17


_________  Session Two - Summer: Monday June 19 – August 8, 2017


_________  Both SESSIONS : April through August


Make check payable to: Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club          *Return Check Fee $45  

Amount enclosed:$_______ Check#:_______  Credit Card/Exp. Date______________________ (V/MC Only $15 processing fee)

        The above named child is in good physical condition and has my permission to train with and participate in all activities sponsored by the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club, Inc.  I understand that my child will be participating in strenuous practices, strength training programs, as well as learning competitive techniques.  I release and hold harmless the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club, Inc., Director and owner Paul K. Buerck, all assisting staff members, coaches, volunteers, centers, facilities, organizations, and their heirs and estates associated with this permission.  I hereby give permission to authorized representatives of the Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club, Inc. to obtain emergency medical treatment for said child while he/she is participating in Monmouth Barracudas activities.  I understand every effort will be made to contact me first. Furthermore, I understand that once I register my child for the Spring/Summer Session 2017. I am required to pay for their full session of swimming (whether my child completes the entire session or not). Monmouth Barracudas Swimming reserves the right to assign swimmers to sessions and to limit the number of participants. There will be NO Refunds for completion and signing of this form will reserve your spot.  (note: V/MC processing fee $15 per transaction / Return check fee $45)  No Make ups will be allowed for missed practices.

 Date: _______    Parent/Guardian Signature_________________   Swimmer Signature________________