LRST has great facilities. Below is information on our pools.

Lakewood High School Pool General Information

LRST’s Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions take place at the Lakewood High School Pool (Bronze swims at LHS in the Summer as well).  The LHS Pool is a 8 lane, 25 yard main pool, supplemented by a separate diving well with one and three meter diving boards.  The elevated spectator area provides seating for 400 people. 

The LHS Pool is located at the southwest corner of Lakewood High School.   The entrance doors are located under the overhang of the building.  Ample pool parking is located immediately west of the building entrance.   

The LHS Pool can be accessed from Franklin Blvd., Bunts Rd., or Madison Ave. but the easiest entrance is to take turn on Robinwood from Madison. This will dead end into the pool area.

PARKING!!!!! IMPORTANT UPDATE for 2015-2016 season!!!! LHS is currently under construction, so rather than entering the pool and parking off of the Robinwood Entrance, swimmers will need to enter from the Franklin Blvd. entrance and walk through the high school to get to the pool.

Lakewood High School Pool Telephone: 216.529.4014


Foster Pool at Lakewood Park

During our summer session the Silver and Gold groups practice in the mornings at Foster Pool in Lakewood Park. Lakewood Park is located at the North end of Lakewood at the intersection of Lake Road and Belle Ave.

Foster Pool is a 50 meter by 25 yard Olympic-size pool located in Lakewood Park.  Although owned by the City of Lakewood, both outdoor pools are operated by the Recreation Department.  Foster Pool is complete with a one-meter diving board, a wading pool with mushroom feature, large bathhouse, and adjoining concession area. 

Foster Pool Telephone: 216.529.4121 (June through Labor Day only)

Weather Policy

The Lakewood High School and municipal pools may close in the event of inclement weather.  The outdoor pools will be immediately cleared if thunder is heard or lightning is seen.  We will make reasonable attempts to resume activities once 30 minutes have passed since the last thunder or lightning.  The outdoor pools will be cleared for heavy rain only if the bottom is not visible from the lifeguard stand.  In the event of inclement weather that closes the Lakewood City Schools for the day, all Lakewood Recreation programming will be cancelled for that day and evening.  If early morning weather conditions do not force the Lakewood City Schools to be closed for the day, but weather changes begin to worsen during the late morning, afternoon or early evening, the Lakewood Recreation Department, for the safety of our participants and staff, may be forced to cancel programs for the evening.  Radio and television stations will broadcast all closings.  We will also email where possible and tweet practice cancellations from @lrstswimming