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Time standards
U.S.A. Swimming and Indiana Swimming have established “Time Standards” which serve as a benchmark for evaluating swimmers’ performance and, in certain instances, qualify swimmers for local, state, regional and national swim meets.  Click here for current Divisional and State Time Standards or Motivational Time Standards.
Time standards are established by USA Swimming.
For example:
Divisional State Cuts:
Achieving this time permits a swimmer to participate in the Divisional State Championship Swim Meet, held toward the end of the winter season.
Age Group State Cuts:
​Qualifies a swimmer to participate in the short course or long course Indiana
Swimming Age Group State Championship Meets. A swimmer must meet the qualifying standard of the age group they will actually compete in. A swimmer’s age is determined on the first day of actual competition.
Senior State Cuts:
​Qualifies a swimmer to participate in the short course or long course Indiana
Swimming Senior State Championship Meets. There are no age requirements for this meet. The only requirement is to have achieved the time standard.
National Meet Cuts:
Qualifying cuts for National Championships, Junior Championships, US Open, US National Junior Team. These are all extremely difficult standards, but should always be part of a serious swimmers long range goal setting.
Motivational Times:
This is a graduated scale of times designed to provide goals and incentive to
swimmers. The scale starts at ‘B’ then progress to ‘BB’, ‘A’, ‘AA’, ‘AAA’ and ends with the highest ranking of ‘AAAA’. The ‘AAA’ designation also corresponds to the Central Zone Championship Qualifying standard. These time standards are subject to change.