Water Polo


Norwood has on-line registration for both current members of our Club and those interested in joining.  In addition to registering with our Club, Midlakes Swim League (the Water Polo swim league we belong to), requires their paper forms be turned in to the club you are registering with.

1) Link here: to print these Midlakes Forms.     2) Register for Water Polo below.

Cost for Water Polo participation For current 2018 Norwood Club Members is $95.  Click here to register:  Water Polo Registration for those already Club Members of Norwood

Jr. Membership with Norwood for a half season plus the Water Polo registration fee:
For Teens (Teen age of 13&U is defined as: turning the of age 13 BEFORE June 15th, 2017) who would like to register for a Norwood Half Season Jr. Membership, is $125 Plus the registration for Water Polo of $75.. a total of $200. Click here to register: Junior Membership (13-18 yrs) With or Without Swim Team or Water Polo
Questions or Issues: regarding registration: can be directed to Karen Skalski,
All other Water Polo inquiries can be directed to Norwood's Water Polo Parent Coordinator, Mindy Westerman,
Our team: Norwood teams up with Triangle and Overlake swim clubs to form one team for Water Polo to compete against other Midlakes Water Polo teams! Our combined team creatively call themselves Tr-over-wood.  Below is information regarding scheduling of practices and games.  This is a co-ed program, there is not a separate team for boys and girls. Each age-group has their own team.  Some playing-up to an older age group is a great way for more playing time and helps to support the team.
Coaches:  2018 TBD!!

Practices: Starting Monday, July 23rd 2018 regular season practices will start. Because games also begin this week Thursday-Saturday, Practice will be on MondayTuesdayWednesday. They will take place at Overlake Golf and Country Club and will be at the following times:

10 and under- 8:30am-9:15am

12 and under- 9:15am-10am

13 and over- 10am-10:45am

For the most current information on games and documents please visit the Water Polo tab on the Midlakes website: Link: HERE

Welcome to the 2018 Season

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2018 info is not ready as get an idea from 2017's program see all below 2017 info..

Regular Season Game locations for 2017 season

Thursdays (7/27, 8/3, 8/10)- NH/ PL

Fridays (7/28, 8/4, 8/11)- NH/SAM

Saturdays (7/29, 8/5, 8/12)- MIBC/ OL

Sundays (7/30, 8/6, 8/13)- MSC/EB 

Regular Season practice will start Monday July 24th!

Game Schedule **2017**-last season
Effective July 27th – August 13th
10 & Under’s   Friday 7/28, 8/4, 8/11
Week#1 Friday July 28 at Samena Pool
8:45am vs. MSC
9:30am vs. SAM
Week#2 Friday Aug 4 at Newport Hills Pool
8:00am vs. MSC
8:45am vs. NH
Week#3 Friday August 11 at Newport Hills Pool
8:00am vs. NH
9:30am vs. KG/PL/TOS
12 & Under’s   Thursday 7/27, 8/3, 8/10
Week#1 Thurs July 27 at Newport Hills Pool
8:45am vs. SAM
10:15am vs. NH
Week#2 Thurs Aug 3 at Phantom Lake Pool
8:40am vs. MIBC/CC
9:20am vs. PL
Week#3 Thurs August 10 at Newport Hills Pool
8:45am vs. EB/FW/KG
9:30am vs. NH
14 & Under’s   Saturday 7/29, 8/5, 8/12
Week#1 Sat July 29 at Mercer Island Beach Club Pool
8:45am vs. PL
10:15am vs. TOS
Week#2 Sat Aug 5 at Mercer Island Beach Club Pool
8:00am vs. NH
9:30am vs. KG
Week#3 Sat Aug 12 at Fairwood Pool
8:00am vs. EB
10:15am vs. EB
15 & Over’s     Sunday 7/30, 8/6, 8/13
Week#1 Sun July 30 at Edgebrook Pool
8:45am vs. PL
10:15am vs. EB
Week#2 Sun Aug 6 at Mercerwood Shore Club Pool
8:00am vs. MIBC/CC
9:30am vs. MSC
Week#3 Sun Aug 13 at Edgebrook Pool
8:45am vs. FW/KG/TOS
10:15am vs. EB              
We’ve put together a spreadsheet to keep track of attendance at the games. You can access it here:
This is a fantastic way for us to tell how many players we will have each week.
Look to the tabs at the bottom in order to change age groups and just write in your child’s name and put a “yes” or a “no” under each week for your child. Pool addresses are located at the bottom of the document.
Troverwood T-Shirt
We are in the process of designing and printing Troverwood Water Polo T-shirts. Stay tuned for ordering… 
End of Season Party, Sunday August 20th, 2017 at Norwood Pool
Save the date for our fun End of Season Ice Cream Party. Details soon.

Champs week Game Location

2017 Tournament Schedule 

For All games- first team listed wears white caps.  

Wednesday 8/16- 10 & under- OL

Thursday 8/17- 12 & under- NHSTC

Friday 8/18- 14 & under EB

Saturday 8/19- 15 & over- MSC / NHSTC

* 7:30am-2pm @ MSC

* 2pm and on @ NHSTC

Champs week Game Location

2017 Tournament Schedule 

For All games- first team listed wears white caps.  

Wednesday 8/16- 10 & under- 

Thursday 8/17- 12 & under- NHSTC

Friday 8/18- 14 & under EB

Saturday 8/19- 15 & over- MSC / NHSTC

* 7:30am-2pm @ MSC

* 2pm and on @ NHSTC

Sunday 8/20- Championship games- 

8:00 am - Men's Open- TBD

9:00 am- 12 & under- TBD

10:00 am - 14 & under- TBD

11:00 am - 10 & under - TBD

12 :00 pm - 15 & over - TBD

*for all games - first team listed wears white.  


***Athletes must be a current or past member of a Midlakes facility***
We will put together two teams with the athletes that come.  
Tentative Men's open Schedule! 
 Monday- 8/ 8pm
Tuesday- 8/ 8pm
Wed-  8/  8pm
***Athletes must be a current or past member of the club they are playing for***

***Swim suit and Apparel clarification***


Suits that are NOT Allowed                                                         Suits that are allowed

Any Club swim suit                                                                             Any other suits, including high school

EX- Rain City


If an athlete is wearing a year round club team suit, the referee will give them a chance to change their suit,  If this does not happen, then that one athlete will be asked to exit the pool and will not longer be eligible to play until they change their suit.


Pool deck apparel-

Coaches and referees and restricted from wearing any Year round club apparel.  

Spectators and athletes have no restrictions.  

New Referee Training Information

Ref Training--- Saturday July 22nd @ 9:30am-11:00am

Information for Coaches

A reminder that every member of the coaching staff must be certified in Lifeguard Training or Coaches Safety Training before the season begins. Head coaches must also attend a mandatory rules clinic and pass a rules test before the first game of the second week of the season. Finally, coaches must maintain official regular season and tournament rosters that accurately reflect members participating on their teams.

Dates & Locations for 2017 Rules Clinic

July 20- coaches meeting and rules clinic.  6pm @ NHSTC.  Please have all your  coaches attend.  We will cover rules of the game ans well as referee interaction.  


A comprehensive document that helps organize due dates, game schedules, committee meetings, and more!


Coaches must submit one roster form for each team, and they must keep these forms updated throughout the regular season by submitting any additions or subtractions. Initial rosters are due before the second week of games. Please feel free to download the document and submit digital copies of your rosters.


Coaches must submit a tournament roster form that includes any athlete participating in the tournament. Rosters are due at the Tournament Coaches Meeting. Please remember that Midlakes recommends athletes play up no more than one age group.


Skills and Drills-  If you  have any drills you would like to share, please send them to Farrah Kunkel-  Also, if you  are looking for more drills to do with your  teams, you may also email the address above for some ideas.  

Information for Parent Representatives

Every club that participates in Midlakes Water Polo must have one parent representative to sit on the Midlakes Water Polo Committee. Parent Representatives should also plan to attend all meetings of the Committee, and will also act as the primary liaison between their Club and the League.


A comprehensive document that helps organize due dates, committee meetings, and more!


Please remember that, as of the 2017 season, all water polo players must adhere to the same registration requirements as Midlakes swimmers. This means clubs are responsible for ensuring that athletes and parents have completed BOTH the Midlakes Hold Harmless Form AND Lystedt Act Concussion Information Sheet.

For a sample of a combined registration form (Swimming & Water Polo) CLICK HERE. For standalone and editable versions: HOLD HARMLESS FORM / LYSTEDT ACT CONCUSSION INFORMATION SHEET

2017 WATER POLO OPERATING PLAN - updated 7/29/17

The governing document for the league.