It takes the entire team to run a swim club

It takes the support of every family to run a swim club, please be sure to do your part!

POSTED START OF SEASON..There are all kinds of opportunities to volunteer and do your share!  There are several areas you can help and lots of volunteer slots.  For example, each home swim meet takes over 60 volunteers to run, this means in order to successfully put on a meet, each and very family needs to fill at least one job shift per meet. 

Each family needs to complete at least 23 points of volunteering this season, most jobs are worth 3 points.  There is the Duck Classic meet, 9 seasonal dual meets, 3 prelim meets, 2 championship meets, and several social gatherings so this minimum expectation can easily be reach. Examples of volunteer jobs include: Concessions (selling or cooking), Stroke & Turn Official, Announcing, Set-up the meet, Clean-up, Card Runner, Timing and Ribbon labeling. 

Signing up for your volunteer slots is simple and is done on-line.  As the meets and events approach so will the available volunteer slots.



1) Ducklings Co-Coordinators (23 pts ttl): Kim Norton (12 pts) Deepa Patten (11pts)

​Welcome new Duckling swimmers and families to Norwood. Regularly communicate with them via email and in person keeping them informed thru the season. Organize team and individual photos. Develop, make and laminate bag tags. Plan end of season Duckling potluck BBQ, invite coaches. Collect contributions and purchase coaches gift and goodie bags. Last home meet: create meeting area, oversee big buddies have found duckling buddies, coordinate kids to their event. Run end of season Duckling/Coaches BBQ.

2) Concessions Coordinator (56 pts): Jaye Friedman (Lead 28 pts) & Jennie Bergstrom (28pts)

Plan, order and oversee all food for all 5 home meets. Coordinate meal choices and concessions during meets. Count money pre and post meet, oversee concession volunteers during entire meet. Keep stock of inventory of all food and food related items (silverware, condiments, etc).

3) 8U Boy Coordinators (3 points per meet): Troy Tidwell & Kim Pressacco & Kevin Damour

Attend home (4x6pts) and away meet (5x3pts) dual meets-Help get 8U boys to each of their events and coordinate 8U boys relays. If unable to attend a meet please find a replacement coordinator.

4) 8U Girls Coordinators   **2018 due to the limited number of 8U girls this role is omitted for 2018** Attend home (4x6pts) and away meet (5x3pts) dual meets-Help get 8U girls to each of their events and coordinate 8U girls relays. If unable to attend a meet please find a replacement coordinator.

5) Lead Timer Facilitator (3 points per meet, potential 35 points ttl): Justine Kennelly

Attend all home (5x3pts) and away meets (4x3pts) dual meets, Duck Classic (4pts) & B-Champs (4pts). Bring stopwatches to all meets, facilitate timers meeting prior at home meets (5:45p), assign timers to lanes and assign backup timer (home meets), find replacement if no-shows. Facilitate shift change of timers. At close of meet, collect all stopwatches. If unable to attend a meet please find a replacement.

6) Team Apparel:  Design, Marketing, Ordering (23 pts) Stacy Heinemann & (17pts) Deepa Patten
Design/Vendor Order Design artwork, pick apparel styles and colors. Work with vendor early on to secure apparel sizes, color stock and silk-screen &/or embroidery set up. Place order with vendor, proof and deliver to Marketing/Sales apparel parent volunteer. (23 pts) Stacy Heinemann
Marketing/Sales Display apparel at sign-up night and first week or two of work outs, a couple nights, with samples, take orders in person and via email (cc accepted), collect money​. Give orders to design apparel person. When order comes in deliver to swimmer/family 
 (17pts) Deepa Patten

7) Pool Entry Sign Coordinator (18 points ttl): Joanie Chang (10 pts) & Mindy Westerman (8 pts)

Update Norwood Pool entry sign with current message and/or events prior to each meet or social activity.  Will be required to change the wording about 10 times.  Check with coordinators for specific dates and details of messages.

8)  Bag Tag Coordinator (15 points): Julie Baker 

Develop individual photo of all Norwood Team members (a disc provided to you).  Cut to size, 100+ photo bag tags with personalized backing (match name to photo, swimmers are helpful w/ Identification of who is who) then laminate.  Redo any mistakenly identified 

9) Big Buddy Coordinator (8 points): Holly Steele

All those who signed up to be a BIG BUDDY are matched with an 8U swimmer and match Duckling swimmers with a BIG BUDDY from Swim team. Post sign of Big Buddy assignments, communicate duties (via email & post @ pool), and facilitate email reminders of the Big Buddies responsibility to the swim team coordinators (8pts). Prepare end of the season Big Buddy thank you goody bags (pick up supplies, print labels, prep & deliver to end of season banquet (4pts), 

10) Banquet & Awards Coordinator (21 points ttl): (13 for awards -Jean Gillin) (8 banquet -Leesa Albert)

This is a great volunteer position for someone will little ones in tow as most is pre-planning efforts. Two weeks prior to Banquet and week of, work with head coaches & swim team coordinators to order all awards, update engraving of all award plaques, (pick up & deliver to banquet).  Additional last minute award prep between A-Champs and the Banquet, Plan Banquet theme, purchase decorations and main food (ie. ice cream). Oversee volunteers for set-up, food display & serving, and clean-up.

11) Fun Friday Donuts (12 points): Beth Peterson 

For all Fun Fridays during our morning workouts: pick up and deliver 7 dozen donuts to the pool before 8:15am. (first Fun Friday will be June 22nd but this will actually be team photos followed with a team potluck bbq!)  Donuts will be all the remaining Fridays: June 29th, July 6th, (11th for swim-a-thon), & 20th! This is an ideal position for a parent who has a swimmer in the first workout (11/12 yr olds).

12) Concessions Coordinator in-training (15pts) Shadow and help coordinators this season in preparation of overseeing next season.

13) Swim Team Coordinators in-training (23pts) Shadow and help coordinators this season in preparation of overseeing next two-seasons. This will be Stacy and I’s last year as Swim Team coordinators-shadowing us this year will be great training ground! Please contact us if this may interest you! :-)


For a bigger picture: here is a REVISED SHOUT OUT 6/25/17.. just to cover the volunteer needs for MEETS each family needs to complete 23 points for the season..    When adding what it takes to run and support all the amazing other activities such as the events and extras we do as a team, the volunteer effort is upped even further.  In order to support the team events, like- Pancake Breakfast, Big Buddy, BBQ @ photos, Teen night, Donuts, Tie- dye, Sleepover, Carbo feed, Ducklings, Slide show, Bag tags, & Banquet it takes an ADDITIONAL 410 points! WOWZA that means for our team to be the funnest, greatest team for miles around, it takes an additional 6 points per family! I am sure you would all agree, these extras are worth the additional two shifts needed per family.

With all said and done…  we need all families to shoot for an average of 27-29 points if possibleIt is this extra effort that provides our swimmers with an amazing summer of incredible memories!

We do allow responsible teens to fill volunteer shifts. We are happy to fill-out and sign community volunteer forms. If your swimmer has a teen sibling what would like to help, we can find a job for them!  Also, any grandparent, uncle, aunt, or friend is also welcome!  When signing up for a volunteer position under your account, be sure to note their name in the open box for “optional contact info.”  Ultimately your family is responsible for the position should a no-show occur, which I’m sure you understand.

With the actual need of 27-29 points per family to fully pull it all off, it will take more stepping up by everyone in order for us to continue being the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE SUPER DUCK TEAM THAT GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND WHAT OTHER TEAMS PROVIDE!

Please check your calendar and hearts! Please see what you can do to lend some more support! The kids will thank you for providing a lifetime of cherished memories!