2019 Swim Team Apparel

The following items are key items every swimmer should have:


Team suit orders are due April 27, 2019. Order here:

Swimmers should have at least one suit for practice and one suit for meets. These suits should be one-piece for girls and boys wear "jammers," similar to bike shorts. Popular brands are Speedo and TYR, though whatever the swimmer is comfortable in is acceptable. The Trails Swim Team, like every other team, has a team suit. Wearing a team suit is optional, but recommended. We do ask that all swimmers have a solid blue suit for meets.The team suit is solid navy blue with a white Trails logo. A high-quality Speedo brand and a Lifeguard store brand at a lower price point are available. Suits will be available to try on at the In-Person Registration and Suit Try. A one time order will be placed at the beginning of the season.

Note that when buying a swimsuit, do not buy it big for growth. Just remember a swimmer needs to swim fast, and the more loose material there is dragging through the water, the slower the child will swim. To keep your team suit in good shape for the swim meets, you should also consider buying at least one practice suit for your swimmer. Racing style suits can be purchased at a local sporting goods stores or on-line.

Swim Cap

Trails and customized swim caps (first or last names) are due April 27, 2019! Order here:

Swim caps are a requirement for all girls at practice and in all meets. While they are optional for boys, they are recommended. You may wear any brand or colored cap (please refrain from wearing other team caps), however, customized Trails swim caps will be available for purchase at the beginning of the season. You can order caps with or without your swimmer's name. A one time order will be placed at the beginning of the season. Order via this link by April 27, 2019.


Goggles should be tight fitting ... they can easily slip off when the swimmer dives into the water. Speedo Vanquisher (Jr. version for younger swimmers) has been a favorite of many Trails swimmers, however, your swimmer may wear whatever is comfortable. Having a spare pair on hand is a good idea as well.

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear is not required. You may order online here:

For questions on any apparel items, please contact