Team Gear




WEST Team Gear may be purchased at SwimOutlet.

Currently available on the West SwimOutlet Website: Parkas (with logo), Backpacks (with logo), Jacket and Sweatpants (with logo), Towels (with logo), and Swim Suits (without Logo). Swim Suits WITH logo will be available at the beginning of the Fall and Spring Season during a bulk order. 

SwimOutlet is also great for workout suits, swim caps, goggles and many other items. Please be sure to use link above to order through the WEST SwimOutlet page.

West Swim Caps are available to purchase at the pool throughout the year (SILICONE: $12, LATEX: $4)

Team T-Shirts will be bulk ordered in Fall and Spring.  Parents may order extra shirts for themselves and other family members. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]