Swim Gear

To order swim gear go to Swim N' Things at:  www.swimnthings.com 


Go to the "Teams" tab and click on the "Team Page."  Use the Login and Password below to see all the available items for purchase.


The user name and password are case sensitive:

User Name: DamWest 

Password:   Dolphins18  


Personalized swim gear must be placed no later than May 6th.


"Personalized" swim gear is anything with a Dam West Dolphins logo or a name on it such as t-shirts and sweatshirts.  "Plain" swim gear such as swimsuits and plain sweats (no logo or name) can be purchased any time or picked up from the store directly.

Swim gear ordered before May 6th will be delivered to the team and available for pick up during morning practices by the last week of May.  Email notification will be sent out once it is available.


For team gear or merchandising questions please contact:

    Julia:  julialchavez@gmail.com or 303-815-9005

Athena:  athenaiverson@yahoo.com or 303-750-5704    



 What swimmers need to bring to practice:

  • Swimsuit (you would be amazed at how often swimmers forget their swimsuit) Swimmers must have a competition suit for meets but can wear regular suits for practice.
  • Towel
  • Goggles (good idea to bring 2 pair already adjusted to minimize down time if one breaks)
  • Swim Cap  (required for meets but optional for practice)
  • Water bottle (keeping hydrated is extremely important, even when swimming)
  • Athletic shoes, sweat pants and sweat shirt (Colorado weather can change quickly so in the event we can not be in the water for part or all of a practice we still try to get some sort of beneficial exercising in.)  Practices are very rarely canceled.


Some optional items that swimmer may want to bring:

  • Kickboard   (the team has kickboards, but some swimmers choose to bring their own)
  • Pull buoy (the team has pull buoys, but some swimmers choose to bring their own)
  • Properly fitting short fins (not the long fins, fins are used occasionally to help with specific technique development)
  • Mesh swim bag (good for putting all of your wet gear in)