Swim Gear

To order swim gear go Swim N' Things at:  www.swimnthings.com 


Click on the "Team Page" under the "Team" tab on the website and purchase Items now. 


The user name and password are case sensitive:

User Name: DamWest 

Password:   Dolphins18  


Orders must be placed no later than May 6th.


For team gear or merchandising questions please contact:

    Julia:  julialchavez@gmail.com or 303-815-9005

Athena:  athenaiverson@yahoo.com or 303-750-5704    



 What swimmers need to bring to practice:

  • Swimsuit (you would be amazed at how often swimmers forget their swimsuit) Swimmers must have a competition suit for meets but can wear regular suits for practice.
  • Towel
  • Goggles (good idea to bring 2 pair already adjusted to minimize down time if one breaks)
  • Swim Cap  (required for meets but optional for practice)
  • Water bottle (keeping hydrated is extremely important, even when swimming)
  • Athletic shoes, sweat pants and sweat shirt (Colorado weather can change quickly so in the event we can not be in the water for part or all of a practice we still try to get some sort of beneficial exercising in.)  Practices are very rarely canceled.


Some optional items that swimmer may want to bring:

  • Kickboard   (the team has kickboards, but some swimmers choose to bring their own)
  • Pull buoy (the team has pull buoys, but some swimmers choose to bring their own)
  • Properly fitting short fins (not the long fins, fins are used occasionally to help with specific technique development)
  • Mesh swim bag (good for putting all of your wet gear in)