Registration Info

Registration Information


Practices   (these ages are APPROXIMATE and may vary)

       * Blue Group  ( approximately ages 13-over)

      *  Green Group  (usually ages 9-12)

      *  White Group  ( ages 8-under)

Fees  for  Fall, 2019

Annual Registration Fee

  • ​​​$100 per family (pro-rated if swimmer starts later in the year)

Monthly Fee Per Swimmer 

TEMPO Spring Team - Fees are listed below. We prefer quarterly payments.

  • $150 (Blue Group)
  • $135 (Green group)
  • $110 (White Group)

TEMPO Discounts

  • Discount of $10 for second swimmer in a family
  • "Bring a Friend" discount; 1 mo. discount if your friend stays for 3 months

USA/Pacific Registration Fee - Mandatory per United States Swimming

  • per swimmer, per year is $73.
  • this registration provides insurance coverage for swimmers at practice and meets
  • pay with initial registration with TEMPO on Online Registration

* USA/Pacific Swimming requires that your swimmer be registered with that organization for  insurance purposes. ($73/year). If you are joining in the late spring or summer, the Summer Season Athlete fee for USA Swimming is $45.00.

Registration and payments should be coordinated with: 

Kim Haskell, Olsen Bookkeeping
123 Belridge Dr.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Please do NOT send fees to Patti, nor give to the other coaches.

* Please Use Online Registration  to register. The button is on the Right Side of Home Screen or use the Start Registration button under Sign Out on left! Complete registration completely through the Checkout and Tempo will process your registration within a couple days.