Meet Information

We strive to make your experience at swim meets an enjoyable one. 

Please review the following documents and follow the guidelines set before attending meets.  (Printable links here:)


General Meet Instructions

How to Mark Your Swimmer


Helpful Hints:


Goggles:  Always have 2 pair of goggles at every meet. When your swimmer is not wearing them have them around your swimmer's neck - that way they don't get misplaced.


Suits: Please make sure your swimmer has a competition suit for the meets. 


Swim Caps:  Remove your swimmer's cap between events!  Heat can build up beneath their caps on sunny days making your swimmer sluggish and overly warm.  Plus it can be a bit shocking when they enter the water which can cause a slower performance.


Shammies:  Buy a swimmer's shammy towel to dry off your swimmer after a swim and THEN wrap them in a DRY towel!  No more soggy towels and a much warmer swimmer on a chilly day. Shammies and caps can be purchased from us at the pool or at concessions during home meets.


Sweats:  Always bring sweats to meets in case it turns cold.


Sunscreen:  Sunscreen is a must but NEVER spray sunscreen by the pool.  The chemicals get into the water and your swimmers swallow it!  Also, please be polite when spraying and make sure that others around you are not affected by the overspray. Also, NO sunscreen where the goggles are.  It makes them slide right off - not great when your swimmer is in the middle of their event!