Polo Bears News Link:

The Polo Bears water polo club was officially recognized by USA Water Polo

on April 30, 2015; club code #29802. 


Practice Information:

Times: Thursday 5:30-7:00 PM and Saturday Morning 7:30-9:00 AM

July- April Location: Rattan Creek Pool7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail, Austin, TX  78729

May-June Location:  TBD


Annual Registration:

USA Water Polo registration is annual and required for all athletes prior to participation, much the same as USA Swimming. This annual registration fee allows USA Water Polo to train and support our Olympic athletes as well as provide financial assistance to college-bound athletes. USA Water Polo registration is also how our athletes are insured, so registration is not optional.

There are two steps for registration.


Register online at When registering, please use the club name of Polo Bears and club #29802. USA Water Polo has several different registration levels. Which level you register for is up to you, however the 'Bronze' registration level will be sufficient to attend any practice, scrimmages and tournaments held during this registration season.


Set up your account:

If you are not a Sailfish member then go to this lessons page to register and setup practice fee payment.  At $2.50 each 1.5 hours or $30/month that is the deal of the century.
Must be a member of USAWP.

Or if you're an active registered USA Swimming Sailfish member please notify Coach Chris to set up practice fee payment. Payment for practice will be added to your Sailfish monthly bill by simply adding two days to the number of practices per week. For example, an athlete that practices 2x per week who registers for the Polo Bears will be billed at the Sailfish rate of 2x per week swimming and 2x/week for polo, to account for the Thursday night and Saturday morning water polo practice.

Tournament entry fees and other expenses will be divided by the number of participants.


Feel free to email Coach Matt or Coach Chris with any questions you may have regarding the Polo Bears. 

Want to learn some basics now? Go to the 'Documents and Links' page and click on 'Intro to Water Polo.'


The Polo Bears were established by Coach Chris, a a lifetime member/coach of USA water polo. Matt Price is the on deck coach.