About The Team

In 1999, the Broadlands community created a community swim team and joined the Herndon Swim League.  Each year the team grew in popularity and size becoming one of the largest teams in Loudoun County. In 2004, due to the tremendous residential growth in Loudoun County, the Piranhas joined together with other teams to create a developmental swim league of community swim teams to promote the sport of swimming – The Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL). In 2006, the Piranhas formed a second team to help meet the demand of the growth within the Broadlands community. This team became a member of the Colonial Swim League (CSL).  Today, both ODSL and CSL Piranhas are top teams in their leagues and continue to grow in popularity within the community.

Over the past two years ODSL and CSL have worked to separate team operations.  Each team operates independently of each other but supportive of the other's mission. The Broadlands Piranha swim team records were originally kept on the main team website. In 2006, when a second swim team was formed, the records for each swim team were kept separately at their respective base pools and both teams were responsible for updating the overall "Broadlands" swim records from 1999 on the joint website. When ODSL and CSL moved to new websites in 2011/12, the overall records were not placed within the new team unify site of either team. The records have currently been updated to include ALL of the ODSL Piranha Swimmers since the team began in 1999 under one record board. This coincides with what the ODSL league has in their database since 2004.

The records that are going to be placed at the Southern Walk pool will be the updated overall records since 1999. We will also be including the year each record was obtained next to each swimmers name. This will give even more credence to the standings that each swimmer has as the years pass. 

Currently, ODSL Piranhas has over 200 swimmers and continues to be a leading force in the league each summer!