Apparel/Equipment     The club currently partners with Making Waves and Connoisseur Apparel for all of our apparel and equipment needs.  Simply click on the apparel/equipment link to access additional information as well as frequently asked questions. 

    The majority of our communication will be via the Lakers Aquatic Club website and email.   Click the communications link to read more. 

    Various new options coming soon!

Glossary of Swim Terms
    Click on the glossary of terms link to see swimming definitions from A to Z.

    Meeting a balanced budget is a true goal of the Lakers. Therefore invoice and financial policies/procedures are followed.  Click on the invoices/financial link to learn more.

Locker Room Etiquette
    The schools and communities allow us to rent their facilities so that we can fulfill the mission of our swim team and meet the needs of our members.  Click on the link to learn about proper locker room etiquette and respecting the facilities.
Kroger     Please register for the Lakers online at 

Meeting Minutes

The Lakers Board of Directors hosts approximately 4 membership meetings per year.  Families are highly encouraged to attend.  Click on the meeting minute link to access previous meeting minutes.

    Competing in meets is not mandatory, however, it is highly encouraged by the coaches to help swimmers gauge and measure their progress in swimming. 

Meet Results
    There are several ways for members to access meet results, the meet result link will take you to a page with all of the details.

Member List
    Lakers families often reach out to each other for ride share, car pooling, social events and even non-swim reasons. Click on the members list link for an up-to-date contact sheet.


Regardless of age or length of workout, all swimmers need fluids during and after practice to stay well hydrated. Bringing a water bottle with you to practice and meets is very important.  During practice, a couple sips of water every 15-20 minutes will keep you hydrated. Only if practice is longer than 90 minutes will a supplemental fuel source (such as Gatorade) aid in hydration, otherwise water is your best fuel source.  Click on the nutrition link to read more.

Parent's Role     Providing the love, recognition, and encouragement necessary for the child to work harder in practice will in turn give them the confidence to reach their potential.  Click the parent's role link to read more.

Pool Directions
    The Lakers typically practice out of two pools during each season.  Amongst the pools are Lakeview, South Lake, Lake Shore, and the St Clair Shores Community Pool. Click on the pool directions link to access directions.

    Your swimmer’s practice times are dictated by their group placement. Swimmers are separated into groups by skill level, and group practice times are staggered in the pool to allow our swimmers optimal lane space. Monthly calendars will be available on the website.  Click on the practice link to read more.

Sponsorship Information     Being a non-profit organization, Lakers Aquatic Club is always welcome to businesses or individuals  that would like to sponsor the club, please click on the link for more sponsorship information.

Sports  Medicine
    Interested in learning the skinny on the philosophy of swimming, swimmers ear, or swimmers calculus?  Click on the sports medicine link to do just that. 

    Click on the strokes link to learn a little bit about each of the strokes, an IM, and the turns.


Time Standards
    Michigan Swimming has published time standards for each event. This identifies each swimmer’s level of expertise. To read more about the time standards (aka cuts) click on the time standards link.