Volunteer Info


Volunteer Requirements

There are no volunteer requirements because then it would not be voluntary

That being said, we could not run the team without parent volunteers.

As many of you know volunteering is crucial in keeping any athletic organization running smoothly. We are so appreciative of the time parents volunteer and recognize their valuable time contributions as the heart behind the BLCC swim team. 

We fund most of our expenses by hosting of swim meets. Volunteers run swim meets - no one gets paid - we all pitch in to make a great experience for our swimmers and swimmers from around the area. The team hosts 5-6 meets during the summer season.

Organizing enough volunteers for the meet can be demanding and is crucial to the success of the meet.

We need your help

Every varsity home swim meet needs the following:

  • 1 Team Representative to the league
  • 1 announcer
  • 1 Starter
  • 3 Judges
  • 3 scorers
  • 6-7 timers
  • 3 zookeepers
  • 1-2 50/50 coordinators
    Some of these positions require training