Meet Schedule

Please also read our document “Attending Swim Meets

Competition gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself—not only in terms of physical accomplishment, but perhaps more importantly what you are capable of in terms of will power, goal attainment and self-discipline. Competition is a healthy and necessary aspect of life in order to be productive. It is vitally important to develop the capacity to do better and to not settle for just being average. This type of motivation and desire can be applied as a tool to all aspects of life.

Each dual meet team has 4 meets in which some are home and some are away. All take place on Saturdays from late October through late January. A schedule will be provided with times. Home meets are 12:45 and 2:45 pm. They last about 2 ½ hours. Away dual meets could be morning or afternoon on Saturdays. Dual Meets are a required part of being on our team.  You must compete in 3 dual meets to be eligible for the Y Championship meets that take place at the end of our season.

We offer some Invitational meets throughout the season so swimmers can gain experience from more competition and to try new events. Invitational meets are larger meets in which several other swim teams compete, usually held in a larger venue. We also have YMCA Championship meets in February and early March that we require our swimmers to attend.