Summer 2018

2018 PAY Summer Program

This summer we hope to offer everyone on our team the training they need to truly excel this season. We will be offering a completely revamped program in hopes to give more attention to each age group.

There will be 7 training Groups with a mix of Long course training at the Upper Merion Swim and Tennis club and Short Course training at our YMCA.

There will be an option to swim for the recreational team Baker Park, or the PAY USA Team. This will be determined by the box checked on your registration form. You will either receive a PAY T shirt and cap, or a Baker Park T shirt and cap.


 Age 9 & under swimmers with less than 2 years competitive swim experience will work on the necessary basics to develop into a complete swimmer.

Junior 2:

 Age 8 & under swimmers with over 2 years of experience and 12 & under swimmers who may need to work on strengthening all 4 strokes. Muts be able to repeat 25's of each stroke and complete a 100 Freestyle and IM.

Junior 1:

 9 - 12 year olds that compete in year round swimming with the ability to repeat 50's of each stroke and complete a 200 free, and a 200 IM. Will practice in a long course pool once a week.

Age Group Elite:

 9 -13 year olds who must have achieved at least 2 AA USA time standards in their current age group. This group will be a high level group designed to challenge even the top 12 & unders. Must be able to repeat 200 freestyles, 200 IM's and 100's of each stroke. Must be a USA registered member.

Senior 2:

 13 & over swimmers that will work on a combination of technical skills and high level endurance. This group should be able to complete repeats of 100 freestyles on 1:45 or better, repeats of 100IM's on 2:00 or better and must be able to repeat 100's of strokes.

Senior 1:

 13 & over swimmers with aspirations of reaching a National Qualifying time. A mix of long course and short course training where swimmers are expected to come in, in shape. Must be able to complete repeat 100's on 1:25 SCM or better, Repeats of 100 IM's on 1:45. Must have at a minimum 6 YMCA district cuts, individually and be within 10% of 2 YMCA National Qualifying times. Must be USA Registered.


This group is for National level, committed swimmers only. Must have permission from the coaching staff to join. And must have the dedication to attend 7 water practices and 2 dryland practices a week. Only swimmers who truly want to take their sport to the next level during the summer months.