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“To provide an excellent swimming program that continuously builds on a tradition of sportsmanship and competition by teaching and training all levels of swimmers, combining physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills with team unity in a parent governed organization.”  


“Camillus Swim Club is a USA sanctioned year round competitive swim team offering high quality coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. We seek to support the long-term development of youth competitive swimming in Syracuse Area. The vision of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to make friends and have fun - all while improving their swimming skills, reaching their goals, and achieving success at their level of ability, from novice to international competitor.”

Governance and Bylaws:

Primary responsibility for the governance of the club is made up of the Board of Directors (hereafter, ‘the Board’). The Board manages the business of the club and sets its overall direction. Board members are elected on an annual basis and must be: a) a parent or guardian of a registered swimmer on the team; or b) a member of the coaching team.

The Board will consist of 7 positions, and will be elected (on the basis of one vote per registered swimming family "in good standing" plus one vote per team coach) in open elections held in March of each year. meetings will be held once per month during the active swimming season (preferably at WG High School and during regular practice hours). With the exception of sensitive personnel issues, official Board meetings will be open meetings that coaches and family members of all registered swimmers are invited to attend. Agendas for the meetings will be circulated in advance, and minutes summarizing discussions circulated afterwards on the team email list.

Outgoing Board members will serve until March 31th following the March elections, at which point new members will assume their positions.

The Board shall include 7 elected positions, with specific roles and responsibilities described below:

  • Oversee and support overall team policies and goals, including development/revision of bylaws and policies.
  • Principal liaison with team coaching staff, as represented by Head Coach.
  • Work with Head Coach and Treasurer to coordinate coaching salaries and overall coaching budget.
Vice President:
  • Serve in role of President when President cannot be present.
  • Work with coaches to establish internal recognition programs, annual awards banquets, etc.
  • Publicity, outreach, and recruiting.
  • Work with President to distribute workload and coordinate any or all of the above responsibilities.
  • Fund-raising coordinator:
    • Work with Board (esp. Treasurer), parents, and coaches to establish fund-raising needs and goals.
    • Coordinate specific fund-raising efforts.
  • Coordinate club and USA Swimming registrations and payments.
  • Develop budget and recommend fee schedules.
  • Collect and disburse funds, including payments to coaches.
  • Publish quarterly/annual financial statements.
  • Provide financial updates and input at monthly Board discussions.
  • Schedule, circulate agenda, and record minutes of monthly Board meetings.
  • Convene annual Board elections in April-May of each year.
  • Primary liaison between Board and wider team (including through email updates, website, minutes and agendas, etc.).
  • Work with Communications Coordinator to develop and update materials on team website.
  • Conduct annual parent surveys.
  • Communications Coordinator - Coordinate and update materials on team website.
  • Club Registrar Coordinator
  • Swim Meet Coordinator
Apparel Liason:
  • Coordinate team equipment and apparel orders.
  • Work with Board, swimmers, parents, and coaches to develop graphical representations, design, logos, etc.
  • Ensure that Award Ribbons and Medals are ordered and on hand for home meets

USA Swimming (USAS)
USAS is the abbreviation for United States Swimming, Inc. the national governing body for swimming in this country. The headquarters are located at 1750 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909.
Niagara Local Swimming Committee (LSC)
This is our USA Local Swimming Committee (LSC) for western New York. Our LSC consists of 76 clubs with approximately 4500 swimmers. The geographical area covered by our LSC is Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton. We are the sixth largest LSC in the country by the number of registered swimmers.