2019 Partners of SRAC

2019 SRAC Key Contacts

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Thank you to all the families that work very hard to contribute to Aquacats' success.  Below members have stepped up to take lead and coordinator roles. Please thank them and reach out directly if you have questions in their respective areas.

If you are interested in an OPEN position, please contact Rebecca Loud and Sandy Tan at for more information. 

Job Volunteer
Announcer Tina Correia
Referee Mike Solis / Qing Lou
Relief Referee Kevin Voong
Starter Luke Keenan / Qing Lou
Head Timer Jeff Messana / Manoj Panda
AGP Leads Marilyn Cox / Nicole Blakeney
Stroke & Turn Ed Quon
Stroke & Turn Eric Trager
Stroke & Turn Sharen/Mark Marges
Stroke & Turn Nicole Horder
Stroke & Turn Melissa/Dan Williams
Stroke & Turn Moumita Das
Stroke & Turn Alex Zaslavsky
Stroke & Turn Jeremy Brack
Stroke & Turn Linda Lalli
Stroke & Turn Makarand Shivadevuni
Computer Team Lead Naveen Kulshreshtha
Computer Team Prakash Radhakrishnan
Computer Team Pankaj Chauhan
Computer Team Virendra Nagtode
Computer Team Dinesh Lakshmanan
Computer Team Suriya Gurumurthy
Computer Team Krish Swamy
Computer Team Meenu Gupta Sharma
Facilities Lead Tom Phan/Billy Phan
Facilities - Sound System Lead Belle Sales
Social Lead  
Buddy Lead / Social Assistant  
Ribbons Lead Shari Khan / Jennifer Lynch
Stars & Patches

Erying Liu / Vacant

Potluck / Hospitality Dan Cho
Team Gear / Spirit Wear Ngami Ha