ElitSwim offers exciting opportunities to individuals seeking part-time, or seasonal employment. We are always searching for qualified, motivated people to join our 
ElitSwim family.

We’re excited to hear from you.


Step 1.

Fill out form (downloadable PDF), and you can either handed to Mr. Paschalis Ntatsos or email it to paschalis@elitswim.com 

Click here to download Application Form


Step 2.
ONLY individuals who have been cleared by the Director of ElitSwim and who have already passed their first interview may continue on to this step. This form is a background screening for all ElitSwim employees 18 years old and over.
Please click on the form below to start the process.

Click here to start Background Screening


Step 3.
This step is only under communication with the Director of ElitSwim and applies only to the Coaches participants for the City of San Ramon Swim Lessons programs for every summer only



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