Parents Guide

1.  Communication

bullet Email – this is the preferred method of communication to and from the coaching staff.  Coaches will send out information and reminders to all participants via email.  Please make sure that your email address is accurate and up-to-date and that you check it regularly, especially for schedule changes over breaks and for inclement weather. 
bullet Talking to the coaches – if email is possible, that is preferred.  Coaches need to pay attention to their duties before and during practice.
bullet Information can be obtained by emailing the coach or by checking the team’s websites at

2.  Practice

bullet Schedule
bullet The training schedule is posted on our site under "Practice Schedules" Please check it regularly and note that practice times may change following the PSU schedule around graduation, breaks, and holidays.
bullet If practice is cancelled for inclement weather, we will send out an email to the team.


bullet Fees
bullet Fees include a $57/year USA registration fee as well as program fees that vary by group.

bullet The Natatorium and Parking
bullet All participants and their families should respect the Natatorium and related facilities.
bullet Parents are responsible for their swimmers until they arrive on the pool deck – PLEASE monitor their behavior in the locker rooms and hallways at the Natatorium.
bullet Parking is available in several nearby lots after 5 PM – check the signs at the entrance to the lots.  Parking is also available in the East Parking deck for $1 per hour, or you may purchase a pass at the Eisenhower Parking Office for $5 per month to park in selected lots that are enforced until 9 PM.  DO NOT park illegally behind the Natatorium.
bullet When dropping off or picking up your swimmers behind the Natatorium please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians and other cars.

bullet General Policies:
bullet Swimmers should come to practice on time and ready to swim.
bullet Swimmers should bring all necessary equipment, as well as extra goggles and caps.
bullet Swimmers should use the restroom before practice.
bullet Swimmers should treat coaches and peers respectfully at all times.
bullet Swimmers should be present for the majority of the workouts if they expect to see improvement.

bullet Group Placements and Advancement
bullet Coaches will make all decisions regarding as to the best group for swimmers to train with.  This decision may include the swimmer’s mental maturity, workout consistency, skill level, and commitment to the sport.
bullet Coaches, in consultation with swimmers and parents, will initiate the move of a swimmer from one training group to another.

bullet Equipment, Suits, Caps, and Goggles
bullet Each training group will use some specific training equipment.  The coach of your child’s group will recommend equipment for your child to have for practice – Parents should not spend money on equipment without first consulting with the coach.
bullet All swimmers should wear appropriate competitive swimwear.  If you have questions, please ask your child’s coach – Parents should not purchase high quality competition suits, such as Fastskins or Aquablades without first consulting with the coach.
bullet Swimmers must provide their own caps and goggles and should have backups for practice and meets – caps and goggles break regularly.  At swim meets, Big Cat swimmers will be charged for any team caps that they request from the coach.

3.  Competition

bullet General policies:
bullet Most swimmers compete withNittany Lion Aquatics, a United States Swimming Club, as a part of the local chapter Middle Atlantic Swimming.
bullet Swimmers who participate at meets with Nittany Lion coaches available should sit with the team.  Parents should not be on the deck extensively unless working the meet and should not coach their children at these meets.  Swimmers are expected to follow the coach’s guidelines at meets.

bullet NLAC Registration and Information
bullet NLAC Swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming.  There is an annual fee and the team does the bulk of the registrations in the fall for the following year (swimmers may still register throughout the year).
bullet Regional meet information and a meet schedule are available at the Middle Atlantic Swimming website -

bullet Meet Entries
bullet Meet entries are done through the Team Unify website. We will send out registration reminders with entry deadlines for all meets that NLAC will attend.
bullet Meet entry fees are non-refundable once the entry deadline has passed (host teams must send a percentage of the collected fees to Middle Atlantic Swimming).  Please plan ahead!

bullet Nittany Lion Aquatic Meets & Your Role
bullet Nittany Lion hosts several meets during the year.
bullet These meets are the team’s major source of funding.
bullet NLAC parents are expected to donate their time to the club to help run smooth, efficient meets.