What does a Parent-on-Duty do?
A Parent-on-Duty is simply a parent behind the desk during swim practice.  The city requires we fill this position.
        You will need to take attendence.  Don’t know all the kids?  That’s ok because they all know their names.  Just ask them.  The attendence book is in the 2 drawer file cabinet across from the door.  It is a binder labeled Parent-On-Duty on the spine.  Find the attendence charts and go from there. 
       Once that is done, just be available to answer a question from another parent, help with first aid, or call a parent if needed.  Look in the binder in the first couple pages.  It has a list of helpful hints!
        Please stay until all swimmers have been picked up.  Help them call for a ride if necessary.

What is High Point and how is it calculated?
      High point awards can be given at meets - not required.  The fastest times in each race are given a point value.  1st place is always 2 points higher than 2nd.  The number depends on how many awards are given out.  We usually have 6 places therefore 1st place gets 7 points, 2nd - 5, 3rd 4, etc.  At the end of the meet we add together a swimmers points and the 6 with the highest value will take home trophies.  High Point awards encourage swimmers to swim the maximum number of events allowed and to try new strokes and distances.  When your swimmer is ready for the challenge, encourage them.   They all LOVE to take home the bling.

     When relays are offered at a meet we always try to enter our swimmers.  Sometimes we don’t have enough of an age group to be able to do that.  As you are signing up, you will not know either!  There is a spot for comments that we would like you to note if your swimmer does NOT want in a relay.  We enter relays as the last step before sending in the entries.  You will not be notified.  When you get to a meet, ALWAYS look for the relays to see if your swimmer is listed.  The club pays all relay fees.  If the sanction says  - maximum 4 events per day, the relay does NOT count. 

Individual Medley vs Medley Relay
     These two events are somewhat confusing.  The IM or Individual Medley is swam by one swimmer.  The strokes are:  Fly, Back, Breast, Free.  The Medley Relay is swam by 4 swimmers each doing a different stroke - in alphabetical order - Back, Breast, Fly Free.  Relays are not included in the list of events you sign up for.  Relays will be added if enough swimmers are available in an age group.  

Volunteer Hours
     The Swim Club is a parent run organization.  We all want the best organization for our kids, but it does not just exist, it requires parents to volunteer to make it successful.  Please consider giving your time.  Various opportunities are available, you may be asked or feel free to talk to a board member if you can serve in this way.