About Us

Welcome to Club Wolverine swimming!  Our club offers swim training for athletes ranging from novice to elite swimmers with Olympic aspirations.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the club uses area pool facilities at Eastern Michigan University (50 meters), the University of Michigan (50 meters), several Ann Arbor area middle and high schools. In the summer we use Fuller Pool, an outdoors 50 meter facility.  Our coaching staff is experienced and focused on providing high quality instruction to our swimmers at all levels.  Our club is parent-run and organized, funded by family and swimmer fees. 

CW has many accomplishments to share with current and new members.   To name just a few, our age-group swimmers do extremely well in both the short and long course Michigan State Championships.  They typically place first or second in these competitions, testament to the clubs outstanding age group program.  The high performance/elite branch of our club in the summer of 2008 sent 43 swimmers to the Olympic Trials this summer, more than any other team in the country and included some swimmers who trained in our age group program. 

And CW has been awarded Gold Medal status under USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program for 5 straight years (2007-11), as well as Level 4 status (highest ranking) under USA Swimming’s Club Recognition Program. CW has received the recognition and earned the respect of the local, state, national and world swimming communities, and CW swimmers and their families are to be congratulated for demonstrating their commitment and hard work that culminated in CW’s many successes.  

As you visit the CW website, feel free to contact coaches, board members or our business coordinator.  If you have a question and do not know who to ask, please use the "Feedback Zone" found on the left column of the website and someone will contact you shortly to direct you to someone who can answer your questions.