Team Structure

We offer a progressive age group program designed to develop skills, provide a workout, and build confidence for all our swimmers.

At early levels, developing efficient technique with a steady rhythm is the top priority. Swimmers learn and practice correct head position, posture, stroke mechanics, and timing for all four competitive strokes. 

As swimmers mature, we develop their capacity to train at the next level. Swimmers are trained to sustain correct technique at greater distances, control their speed and intensity, and hold heart rates and stroke counts in check.

Finally at our highest levels, high-intensity and race-pace based training are featured more prominently-- designed to challenge swimmers and push their capabilities. 

Throughout all levels, we strive to also teach a love for the sport, foster comraderie between teammates, and educate swimmers about the biomechanics, physiology, and psychology behind the sport.

Check out our group descriptions for objectives, schedules, and pricing.