Inland Empire Swimming Officials’ Page

Welcome! If you are presently and official (Thank You!), or would like to become an official, the information on this page should help you.

Current Officials:

1) Maintain current membership in USA Swimming (USAS); Send your 2018 USAS Non-athlete registration  form / fee to: Inland Empire Swimming - P.O. Box 8085 - Moscow, ID 83843. Check with your team because some teams register their officials in-mass, and also, provide reimbursement to officials in recognition of the additional effort this requires.

2) Pass (and maintain) the  Background check Link Instructions for renewing your  Background Check. This Background clearance is valid for 2 years. Please check your renewal date on your  officials certification card, or on the IES Officials roster. This information is also available on the USA Swimming Officials Tracking System web page (sign in to USA Swimming

3) Take the Athlete Protection Training (APT) Link. This is valid for 2 years.

If working toward certification as an official:

1) Take and pass the certification examination at USA Swimming website (Officials Training); Stroke and Turn, Starter, Referee, Administrative Official, Administrative Referee, etc.

2) Complete and record the minimum hours under instruction at USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets (see links, below)

3) Watch the USA Swimming training DVD - which can be obtained from a listed trainer or from the Officials Chairman. There is a DVD for Stroke and Turn, and Starter.

4) When complete - join USA Swimming, pass Background check, and complete APT. These three items must be completed and visible on the USA Swimming OTS site prior to working on deck.

Contact  Steve Hudlet  IES Officials Chair with questions or comments.

Document of requirements for Officiating positions

To become an official you need to do the following, and steps 1 through 3 can be done in any order (repeated from above for emphasis):

1. Attend an Officials Training Clinic (please contact a trainer listed below)
2. Take an On-Line test at the USA Swimming Officials’s Page
3. Train with a Certified Official on deck (On Deck Training Record) and maintain a record of your hours. Obtain signature(s) for the sessions and hours you work from the Meet Referee(s) and submit to the IES Officials Chairmen.

4. Register with USA Swimming (2018 non-athlete registration form- $63) .

Send your 2018 USA non-athlete registration to:
  Inland Empire Swimming (IES)
PO Box 8085
Moscow, ID 83843

5. Complete the Background check on the USA Swimming Website. Link
6. Complete the Athlete Protection Training on the USA Swimming Website. Link
IES Officials Trainers: Forms
Don Hougardy  Officials Certification Requirements  [PDF]
Teri Madill Officials Name Tag Request Form [PDF]
 Barry Bernfeld Referee Meet Evaluation [PDF]
Rod Richeson ( MRA ) Officials On Deck Training Record [PDF]
Dan Jordheim ( TCCC ) Shirt Photo and Description [PDF]
Genie Lutz ( Velocity ) Nat’l Certification Application [PDF] [DOC]
Tia Pollick ( TCCC - Admin training )