These bylaws pertain to Potomac Station Swim Team (Team). The Team is governed by the Potomac Station Swim Team Board (Board). The Team is located in the Potomac Station Subdivision in

Leesburg, Virginia


The Board is responsible for the organization and operation of the Team. The team will compete in the Old Dominion Swim League.


The overall objective of the Board is to organize and operate a team whose emphasis is on the skill development, sportsmanship, participation, safety, and enjoyment of its team members. The Board shall obtain the services of the best qualified Coach personnel within its budget, encourage the participation of the children on the team, enlist the support of their parents, and ensure that the program is run in a manner which is fair, beneficial and enjoyable to all. 


The Executive Board shall be comprised of at least five (5) members elected by the parents of swim team members. The Auxiliary Board shall be comprised of the coaching staff, a team manager, and various volunteer committee chairpersons.

A board member may run for re-election, however, unless approved by a vote of the Board, may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Any member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Board, the President or Secretary. Such resignations shall take effect on the date of such notice or any later time specified therein.

Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice President shall assume that office.

Should a vacancy occur in any other than that of President the Board should appoint a successor to serve the remainder of that term.

The President shall establish a meeting schedule. The President, or a majority of the Board, may call special meetings as needed. The Secretary shall notify the Board members of any special meetings, which may be called.

Meetings must have a quorum of Board members present to conduct business (at least three Board members). The meetings shall be open to all Potomac Station residents, but only Board members shall be given formal votes. Majority vote shall decide all business matters. The President shall vote only in case of a tie.

The election of members to serve on the Board shall be under the direction and supervision of the Vice President. The Vice President shall submit a slate of nominees to the members at large.

At the final Board meeting prior to the last swim event of the season, the Vice President shall provide the Board with a list of one or more nominees to fill each vacancy created by outgoing Board members. The Vice President must obtain the consent of the individual placed in nomination before his/her name is submitted to the Board. Nominations shall also be taken from the floor at this meeting.

The election shall be by ballot or by oral acclimation and will be conducted at the awards party. Each swimmer’s parents will be given the opportunity to vote (one vote per family)

The Potomac Station Sailfish Swim Team Executive Board shall consist of a President; 1st Vice President; 2nd Vice President; Treasurer/Ways and Means; and Secretary. The job descriptions of these Board positions along with required committee heads are presented as attachments with the duties and responsibilities therein incorporated into these by-laws.

The Board shall be responsible for the selection of the coaching staff. A committee appointed by the President shall present recommendations to the Board for its approval. When setting the team’s budget, the Board will also set the coaches compensation.


Qualified families shall be admitted to swim team membership upon submitting an application, either in person or on-line, paying annual membership fees and complying with the latest edition of the Official Rules of the Old Dominion Swim League and the Rules of the Potomac Station Sailfish Swim Team.

Qualified families are: Residents of Potomac Station, those families who participated in the swim team prior to the 2004 swim season, Sailfish Swim Coaches children and/or siblings and families who do not have a swim team in their subdivision.

Each non-resident family will pay a fee per season in addition to the regular Potomac Station Sailfish membership dues.

In order to be eligible to swim with the Sailfish, swimmers must meet the membership requirements and pay swimmer fees.

The Board shall determine annual membership and swimmer fees based upon anticipated swimmers participating for the season, the projected swim team income and expenses as provided by the Treasurer and the requirement that the swim team is self supporting.

All fees and the refund policy shall be clearly stated on each year’s application form.


These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the families present (one vote per family).

If a special meeting is called to discuss amendments to the by-laws, notification of the by-laws amendments shall be emailed to the families of all swimmers participating on the team at least two weeks prior to the meeting.