E-mail Notification

Several people have reported not receiving e-mail notifications. There are two possible causes for this. 

1.) You must turn on notifications for each section you wish to be notified of.
If you would like to receive e-mail notifications for breaking news, you must click on the breaking news menu item, then check the checkbox for email notifications. 

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications of new items posted in the frequently asked questions section, you must click on the frequently asked questions menu item and then check the checkbox to enable email notifications for that section.

To determine whether e-mail notifications are enabled for a section, log on to the site using your user id and password, and then click on the menu item for the section you want to verify. If you see a green check in the checkbox for e-mail notifications, that means you are currently subscribed to receive new e-mail notifications. 

2.) It is possible that your Internet Service Provider may be blocking automated e-mail messages from being delivered as they may perceive these messages as being "SPAM".

If you continue to have problems with receiving e-mail notifications after verifying these items, please e-mail
Paul Gavura for further assistance.