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What do "SCY" and "LCM" stand for?
The abbreviations SCY, and LCM stand for Short Course Yards and Long Course Meters, respectively. A Short Course Yards venue is 25 yards long, while a Long Course venue is 50 meters long. Generally, fall, winter and spring meets are held in SCY venues, while many summer events take place in LCM venues.

How do I figure out what my SCM time converts to in LCM or vice versa?
The answer to this question seems pure and simple on the surface, but there are many things to consider. Imagine taking your present short course pool and making it 20 yards instead of 25 yards. Now imagine a race in the 100-yard freestyle or the 200-yard freestyle. Who is going to perform better? The answer is, the swimmer with the better turns (maybe).
Now, imagine a pool that is 50 yards long, and races conducted in that pool (still measured in yards). Are some swimmers going to have more advantage than others? Also, for the sake of comparison, let’s say swimmer "A" trains at least 9 months out of the year in the 50 yard pool and swimmer "B" trains in the 20 yard pool. Will there be a change in stroke technique between the swimmers? It is very dangerous for us to give our swimmer’s a false sense of either accomplishment, or, lack of confidence based on a comparison of short course to long course meters.
The bottom line is someone is going to have a completely different performance and there is no reliable way to make the comparison. Let’s accept the fact that international events are conducted in 50-meter pools and our country conducts most meets in 25-yard pools.
For pools of the same course (short or long) it’s pretty accurate to use the British/metric conversion factor. There are 39.37 inches in a meter, (or 2.54 cm in an inch) and you can thus multiply or divide by 39.37/36.0 or 1.094. Note that converting between long and short course is not so simple and is only done for estimation purposes. Further, USS does not define or accept converted times for any purpose. Meets at higher levels often post cut times for the nonconforming courses.