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Work Obligation



MSC is a volunteer operated team.  All parents of Swim Team members are needed to fulfill responsibilities that support Club operations.  Parental commitment instills spirit and support, enriching the experience of the entire family.   


The following parents/families are EXEMPT from volunteer responsibilities and do NOT need to sign up for volunteer jobs:

  • Families that ONLY have 15-18 year old swimmers
  • Families that ONLY have Junior Gator swimmers. 
  • Families that ONLY have registered for pre-season. 
How Many Hours?

Families of swim team members ages 14 and under are required to contribute 28 hours of regular-season jobs. This is a per family requirement, not per swimmer. Examples of jobs include timers, cafe workers and set-up/clean-up. We also have jobs available that require training such as computers, stroke and turn, and meet director.

Families have the opportunity to buy-out their 28 volunteer hours. The fee for the buy-out is $450.  The buy-out does not cover invitational and OMPA jobs. 

In addition to the above, families participating in invitationals are required to volunteer for one job at each invitational in which their swimmer is participating. Families participating in OMPA are required to volunteer for two jobs.

Online Signups

All volunteer signups will be done online.  To volunteer for a job, you need to login to the Miramonte Swim Club website with your email account and password. You should have already received a system generated email with your password when you registered for the club. If you cannot find that email and have forgotten your password, you can go to the sign in page and click the link on that page to request your password.   Make sure you check your Spam email folder in case emails from the team are being miscategorized as spam.  If you do not receive your password within 30 minutes or are still having difficulties, use our contact page to let us know and we’ll help you with it.

Important: Make sure that your browser pop-up blocker is OFF.  

For Internet Explorer, you can turn this off via a setting on the tools menu. The procedure to turn off popup blockers varies among browsers and differs on Windows and Mac: see here for more info.

To sign up for a job for a particular event:

Under the Events Tab, click on “Job Signup” button under the event you want to sign up for. Follow the instructions that are listed on that page to signup for a job for that event.

To see all jobs you’ve signed up for:

Click on the Events Tab, click on the "Reports" tab, then click on  “Job Signup Report for My Account”.   Then enter the dates of the events – ie 06/01/2019 through 08/31/2019 to see all of the 2019 events you’ve signed up for.   Then click on the "Search" button.  Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is turned OFF or else the screen that asks you for the date range will not come up and you won’t be able to see the report.

Under the "Reports" tab, you can also view your "Service Hours Forecast for My Account".

To see the jobs/hours you've been credited for:

Click on "My Account" on the left menu, click on "$My Invoice/Payment", then click on the "Service Hours" tab.  You’ll see a listing of every completed job you’ve received credit for.


Job sign-ups will be locked down approximately the first week of June. You will not be able to make changes to your sign ups after the jobs are locked down. If you are unable to work a particular job in which you have signed up, you are responsible for contacting us at so we can find you a substitute which you are responsible to pay at or before the meet($17 per hour). You may get another MSC parent to fill in for you. If you do swap with another parent, it is your responsibility to notify us so the job sign up can be updated. This is so the meet director/volunteer check in or social event coordinator knows who to expect on the day of the event. If your volunteer position is vacant when the meet starts, you will be charged $75. Lastly, if at the end of the swim season your family has not completed the required volunteer hours, you will be charged for each hour you failed to volunteer.