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CW’s 2012 Swim-a-Thon!

SWIM-A-THON INFORMATION – May 20th, 2012 @ Canham Natatorium @ 1p.m.

 What is it?  A Swim-a-Thon is a fundraiser in which CW participants have a maximum of two hours to swim as many laps as possible (up to 200).  Participants get pledges/donations from businesses, family, neighbors, teachers, friends, etc. prior to (or right after) the day of the event.   If you are in the Cubs, Junior, or Intermediate groups aparent or a friend watches to keep track of the completed lengths. Swimmers can take breaks, eat snacks, and listen to music.There will be lots of prizes, food and fun for everyone during the entire event.  The 2012 campaign runs from April 22nd to May 27th.

Why do we do it?  We are raising money to support CW operational costs, such as the Club Wolverine’s Gold Team. The Gold Team began in 2009 when CW alumni member, Ellen Dowling (Huron/Notre Dame) returned to swimming after being diagnosed with stage IVA Hodgkin’s  lymphoma.   90% of the amount raised by the participant through this method is credited to your CW Family Fee Requirement (either for past Short Course Season or the upcoming Long Course Season) 

How does it work?   Participants can solicit donations/pledges three ways:

  • Ask in person – and keep track of what you collect using the traditional Swim-a-Thon Packet (for cash/check donations) consisting of the Pledge Form and Receipts.  Click on links below to print out forms, or contact Sue Whitener and they will be sent to you.
  • Send a personal letter to Family & Friends – using a Swim-a-Thon form Sponsor Letter, envelopes, and postage (for check/CC donations).   See instructions below.  Then click on Sponsor Letter to print out form, or contact Sue Whitener and letters/envelopes/postage will be sent you.
  • **NEW** Email/Facebook –  easy as 1-2-3!    1) Sign in to your account  2) click on Swim-a-Thon Lane line at the top of CW website.  You will land in the Set-up tab to begin setting up your personal swimmer platform  3) Need help?  Click on the Red “Help Video” icon or see instructions below
Ideas for Donation Letters to Send
  • Family (e.g., grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)
  • Neighbors that you know
  • Co-workers or parents’ co-workers
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • Doctors
  • Family accountant/financial advisor
  • Local businesses you visit frequently (e.g., coffee shops, dry cleaners, salons, restaurants)
  • Baby sitters
  • Teachers
Letters & Forms
(Click to open and print)



  • Top Donation Raisers:  1st Place-  Speedo Waterproof Digital Camera & Speedo Swim Bag, 2nd Place- 4 Tickets to Kalahari Waterpark & Speedo Swim Bag,  3rd  Place-  Speedo Swim Bag & Beach Towel
  • Every  swimmer receives a certificate of participation and ‘tickets’, redeemable at the event prize tables  (a GREAT selection including mesh equipment bags in hot colors, string bags, turbo footballs, DVD’s, tee shirts, candy, goggle bags, posters, water Frisbees, etc.)
  • Every participant who completes 100 or 200 lengths will also receive a Swim-a-Thon pin.


Questions??    Please contact Sue Whitener at