Board Member News

Sunset Needs You!

Elected Board Positions
Represents the club to the public. Responsible for setting and hosting monthly Board Meetings, recruiting new Board Members and Volunteers and help plan the annual calendar.
1st Vice President:
Responsible for the club facilities. Managing the maintenance staff and landscaping crew. Point of contact for repairs and coordinating member work parties.
2nd Vice President:
Responsible for hiring the Pool Manager and Life Guard staff. Manages the pool policies and rules - suggests changes to the Board.
Responsible for club record keeping including the Board Minutes.
Responsible for the club financial records, bank accounting, accounts payable, Taxes, Insurance and Board Reporting.
Swim Team Manager:
Responsible for managing Sunset Swim Team and coordinating the Swim Team Committee.
Responsible for coordinating the recruitment of new members and managing the membership renewal process.
Works on creating a positive image for Sunset Cabana Club, including assisting in new member recruitment, advertising and promotional events.
Historian (New Position):
Sunset has been a valuable part of south Livermore for 50 years, it is about time we started documenting it. The first person in this role could really make their mark!

President’s Committee:

Assists the President and the Board with special projects. Will be responsible for the creating a 5 year Plan for Sunset Cabana Club
Swim Team Committee:
Assists the Swim Team Manager with the various aspects of running the Sunset Swim Team
Volunteer Coordinator:
Assists the 1st VP in arranging member work parties - will track member volunteer hours, and help with finding projects around the club.
Work Party Leader:
Manages a work party. Sees the project to completion and gets volunteers to assist.
Work Party:
Commits personal time and resources to a specific club project.