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Fundraising is a vital part of the Ripon Sea Lion team.  Without fundraising, the cost of team registration would be significantly higher.  We have chosen to fundraise rather than raise our registration fees.  We will have several fundraisers every season.  The typical fundraising events are as follows:


The Swim-A-Thon is very popular with the kids.  We make it fun and rewarding for all our swimmers.  We aggressively seek prize donations from businesses for this fundraiser.  The kids earn tickets based on the number of laps they swam and the amount of money they earned.  The more tickets earned the better chance they have to win prizes.  We require a $50 check for each swimmer as a deposit towards the swim-a-thon.  We will provide more information once the season begins

Fourth of July Fireworks Booth

The Fireworks booth has the potential for raising a significant amount for our team.  We will have the booth open the week of July 4th.  The booth takes a considerable amount of time to operate and the Sea Lions need every family to volunteer their time.  We require a $100 deposit check from every family for their time in the fireworks booth.  This deposit will be collected at the time of registration.  However, the check will not be cashed unless the volunteer requirement is not met for the fireworks booth.  Checks will be returned the week following the 4th of July for all who have volunteered. 

Anything the team can raise over and beyond our actual costs, goes directly back into the team.  Last year we purchased a new Starter PA System.