The Woodland Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Woodland Swim Team  to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared toward challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

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In keeping with the philosophy of providing a quality, competitive swimming program based on excellence for athletes of all ages, abilities, and levels of interest. The Woodland Swim Team offers numerous levels of professional instruction and training. The following criteria for group activity and promotion are guidelines, so that the promoting coach, swimmer and parent(s), can all agree that group or promotion is appropriate and beneficial for the swimmer. Besides the skill component, the promoting coach will also assess the emotional maturity of the swimmer, and the swimmer’s desire. The promotion will be discussed with the swimmer and then with the parent(s). The Head Coach will grant final approval.


The PreCompetitive Swim Program is for kids who are not ready to join our competitive swim program. The goal of the program is to prepare swimmers in a fun and supportive environment for entry into the Woodland Swim Team. To participate in this program you must be water safe and able to swim 15 yards without support.


The Water Frogs are for the beginning swimmer starting at 5 years old with some basic swimming experience. It is designed to introduce young swimmers into the sport of swimming while allowing maximum opportunity to participate in other activities. Emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of the four strokes by means of drills and games along with racing skills, and practice structure that makes swimming fun. The Water Frogs Group practices for 45 minutes, Monday through Thursday.


To qualify for the Developmental Group, the swimmer must swim 25 yards/meters of Freestyle (front crawl) and 25 yards of Backstroke unassisted. They must complete this without stopping, or holding on the lane-line or the side of the pool. The swimmer also needs to be able to use a kick board, by demonstrating 50 yard/meter Freestyle and 50 yard/meter backstroke kicks.

Exceptions to these requirements are swimmers who show mature physical capabilities and/or advanced cognitive skills, who easily and quickly adapt to the swimming requirements. Swimming requirements also relate to:

Receiving direction from the group coach on the pool deck

The physical ability to handle swimming repetition

Learning the swimming concepts being taught

Developmental Group swimmers continue with knowledge of all legal strokes and turns and are ready to learn more advanced stroke techniques. They will continue improving technique, conditioning, and developing competitive race strategy. They are familiar with the sport and are ready to take on more challenges. Developmental Group practices for 1.5 hours, Monday through Friday.  Swimmers must be at least 8 years old and be able to swim all four strokes legally.  The Developmental Group swimmer must be able swim a legal 200IM, and 200 yards/meters Freestyle with appropriate turns. Average workout distances will range from 3500/2500 yards/meters.



The Junior Group develops advanced age-group swimmers. Practices are now more challenging; they build a training base for competition and a progression to the senior program. Stroke work is enhanced. Junior swimmers practice for 1.5 hours, 5 times weekly. The swimmer should be able to swim a legal 400 yards/meters IM and 500 yards/400 meters of Freestyle with appropriate turns and meet the SNS “B” Time Standard for each. The average workout distances are from 4500/3500 yards/meters.


The Senior Group is a transitional level in which swimmers move to increased training and competition. Training intensity is emphasized as swimmers prepare for senior-level training and competition. The objective of the group is to learn the fine points of competitive swimming, short and long term goal setting and race strategies. Coaches work with individual swimmers to set personal goals. Workout distances will vary, on average anywhere from 6500/4500 yards/meters.


To qualify for this group a swimmer needs to be at least 11 years of age and be able to handle the physical and mental demands during training. Each swimmer needs one SNS “A”,  two “B” time standards, or be on the high school swim team. This group practices up to six 2.0 hour workouts per week. Strength training will be offered for those 13 years or older, 3 X per week.


The Senior/Elite Group is our most accomplished training group. This group continues the emphasis of competitive training strategies started in the Senior group. These swimmers are preparing for regional and national-level competitions. They have varied personal goals, and training is designed around those goals in a team-structured environment, all the while working to develop swimmers to their maximum potential. The training is demanding, and the swimmers are very committed. Average workout distances will be from 6000-9000 yds/meters


To qualify for this group you must be able to handle the training and competition demands and have at least two SNS “A” Time Standards. The senior/elite group has up to nine water workouts per week.


Our Masters Swim Groups are for swimmers 19 years or older who wishes to swim for fitness, stroke improvement, triathlon training, fun and Masters competitions. There are up to 11 workouts in the early morning or afternoon per week.


Normally, swimmers with no competitive swimming experience will start in the Water Frogs Group as this can provide stimulus to progress through the more advanced groups. There are times, however where one may have no competitive experience but can handle the training, stroke, and age requirements for the more advanced groups. The Head Coach and group coaches will jointly make decisions on swimmer placement.


All information above is provided as guidance ONLY.  It is deemed accurate, but not guaranteed and subject to change at any time without notice.