Monthly dues alone do not cover all of the necessary costs associated with club operation.  Our fundraising obligation minimizes increases to monthly dues.  Fundraising for the year is due by May 15th.  If fundraising is not paid by this date, the amount will be automatically withdrawn with monthly dues on July 1st.  If you give 30 days’ notice and have not met your fundraising commitment, you will owe the amount of fundraising prorated to the months participated upon withdrawal. Families with fundraising amounts in excess of their minimum will have 25% of the excess credited to their Team Unify account.

New families in Red, White, and Blue groups will not be required to fundraise.  Every returning family will be enrolled in fundraising, regardless of group. Their monthly commitment will be prorated each month in which a member participates in a CMSA practice or event. 

New families in Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Age Group 3, and Senior 1 groups will be without fundraising commitments for three months so that they may become familiarized with the process. Their annual commitment would be $150 per family.  This exemption does not apply to an existing family with an older sibling on the team.

The Board of Directors has set the fundraising requirements each family is required to raise or be assessed at the following amounts:

  • No fundraising for new families in Red, White, and Blue Groups
  • $100 – Returning families in Red, White, or Blue Groups
  • $150 – New families in Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Age Group 3, and Senior 1 groups
  • $225 – Returning families in Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Age Group 3, and Senior 1 groups
  • $250 – Returning families in Junior and Senior groups

Advertising Web Page: Ads on the Web will run from September – September . The time the ad will be displayed will be based on the time the ad copy is received. Because of the time that is required to have the ads ready for the Web, they may not be posted immediately, but will be posted as soon as possible. Our Web site address:

The Ad must be submitted electronically via email.

  1. Web Site Ad Only                        $200
  2. Web Site Ad + Link to the Site    $300

Advertising Heat Sheets: The advertisements are placed in programs called “Heat Sheets” that are available during meets. During the season CMSA will host or co-host at least 3 meets. In order for your advertisement(s) to be published in the Heat Sheets for the season we must receive your Ad copy by October 1. If advertising is received after this date it will be published in the remaining Heat Sheets.

Ad Rates (this amount covers all CMSA-hosted meets):

  1. Full Page:                                $100                            
  2. Half page:                               $75                              
  3. Quarter Page:                          $50                            

All ads are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Other CMSA Fundraisers:

  • Spirit Store
  • Swim-a-Thon