Swim Groups


Elite Swimming Track

The TITANS Elite track is comprised of the most dedicated, committed and talented swimmers in the TITANS program.  The swimmers in this program display a very strong desire to compete at the highest levels within the sport as they progress through the various age groups.  Swimmers in these groups have usually been swimming for at least 3+ years and are very skilled with respect to their age group.

Elite Track Group Structure

  • TITANS Age Group 1 (TAG1) - 13/14
  • TITANS Age Group 1.5 (TAG 1.5)- 13/14
  • TITANS Age Group 2 (TAG2) - 11/12
  • TITANS Age Group 2.5 (TAG 2.5)- 11/12
  • TITANS Age Group 3 (TAG3) - 9/10


Challenge Swimming Track

The TITANS Challenge Track provides opportunities for swimmers of all ages to progress throughout the program.  The goal of the TITANS Challenge Track is to develop and prepare technically sound and well conditioned swimmers for the Elite Track.

The progression of each athlete through the Challenge Track is based on age, skill, commitment, maturity and physical ability.  The development of athletes in this program is a progression over a period of time, building upon a strong foundation of kicking technique, interval training, the building of an aerobic base and sprinting skill sets.

Challenge Track Group Structure

  • SENIOR Championship (15/18)
  • GOLD (13/14)
  • SILVER (11/12)
  • BRONZE (9/10)
  • COPPER (7/8)

Development Track Swimming


This is a group for swimmers looking to compete at a higher level than Teen Titans but still maintain a month to month membership. Practices are an hour and a half. Coach recommendation is required to be in the group.



The Teen TITANS group is designed for the 13 and older swimmer who prefers a five day a week program on a month-to-month commitment level.  Plenty of stroke/technique work will be given, as well as a conditioning base.  A month-to-month commitment level makes this the perfect program for swimmers wanting to excel at high-school swimming, but also has other commitments or plays other sports seasonally.

  • Monday - Friday 3:30 pm
  • Monday - Friday 7:30 pm



  • (10 & Under) 3 days a week
  • (11 and older) 3 days a week