Do any of the coaches offer private swim classes?

This depends on the availability of both pool and coach. Ask your swimmer’s coach if s/he, or one of the other coaches, might be able to work with your child. However, the best way for your swimmer to improve is to come regularly, listen well and work hard!

I’ve joined up, but I am not receiving emails. What should I do?

Please send an email to immediately and let the treasurer know.  It is possible that there was a typo when entering your email into the website account, or there was difficulty in reading the email address given on the registration form. If you would like to have notices sent to more than one email address, you may add them to your account on the website.

I can’t find the email notice in my inbox - how can I found out what’s going on?

Information for events and notices can be found on our website under calendar, events (team functions tab or swim meet tab) and news. You may also email your coach.

How do swimmer promotions work?

The coach knows best when a swimmer is ready for the next level. He or she will take into consideration skills, strength and endurance, and maturity as well as age. The coach will let you know as your child’s ability is approaching the next level, as it will involve a higher level of commitment from the parent and the swimmer.  This will help prepare you and the swimmer for the change. You may also contact the coaches by email or before or after practice to find out more about your swimmer’s progress.

How can I fulfill my twenty service hours? 

All Team level families (this does not include Tadpole only families) are required to serve 20 hours per year. Please see the section on Service Commitment.  Any service hours not completed will be charged to your account at a rate of $25 per hour.

Another way to get hours is to become a Stroke and Turn Official.  After the initial training, you may officiate at meets where your child is swimming. You get service hours, and your child swims the meet for free.  It’s a great way to get involved in the sport. See the Head Coach for more details.

I can’t login to sign up for a job. Why not?

Only one email address is used for login for a given account, but more than one may be used for notices.  So for job sign up, you must login using the login email address.  If you are not sure what address is the correct login email address, you may contact the administrator at  

How does quarterly or monthly billing option work?

This applies to team level swimming. You have a choice of paying either monthly or quarterly To receive quarterly rate, payment must be received by the 10th of the month.  If payment is not received, it will revert to the monthly billing, with the higher rates ($10 more at all team levels). 

Can I change mid-quarter to monthly?

No.  The quarterly payment is not refundable, nor can it be prorated.

When do the quarters start? Can I go to monthly after I finish a quarter?

Quarters will be: Sep 1 – Nov 30, Dec 1 – Feb 28, Mar 1 – May 31, Jun 1 – Aug 31.  You can go to monthly after finishing a quarter.  Notify the Treasurer by email.

What if I start mid-quarter?

You will pay monthly rates until the next quarter begins.

How will leave of absences work?

If you are paying monthly, you notify the Treasurer by email before the end of the month to let her know you will not be swimming the next month and you will not be invoiced.  If you are paying quarterly, let the Treasurer by email know before the end of the quarter.

What if I fall behind on my payments?

If payment is not received by the 15th of the month, a finance charge of $10 will be added to your statement. You will receive a statement via email or regular mail.  Each month you are behind will result in a $10 finance charge. If you fall behind by more than 90 days, we will send your account balance to a collection agency, which can affect your credit rating. Please pay promptly to avoid finance charges and collections.

What if I have a medical emergency or move away from the area and cannot complete a quarter?

Contact your coach and the treasurer, and we will work with you if this should occur.

Do Tadpoles get a quarterly discount?

Tadpoles are by 3-week sessions only, no quarterly rates are available.  Payment must be received the first day attended of the session.  New Tadpoles may be prorated (but not continuing) if starting mid-session.

What are annual membership fees and when are they due?

Regular dues do not cover all our expenses.  Annual fees help cover T-shirt and cap, team registrations, awards, swim meets and other expenses. An annual fee of $150 is charged per family of team swimmers only (this does not include Tadpoles, Masters, High School Training, or Summer Swimmers). It is billed at the beginning of the season or when you first register.  If you start in September through Feb, it is the $150. If you start in March through May, it is $85.  There is no fee if you start in June through Aug.

What is USA Swimming registration? What about transfers?

All swimmers (except masters) in USA Swimming affiliated teams must register with USA Swimming. USA Swimming registration covers our liability insurance at swim meets and practices. It is not included in the quarterly or monthly fees.  It is typically renewed in October for the coming year if the swimmer is currently registered.  New swimmers must register when they sign up. A swimmer with current USA Swimming registration that transfers from another USA Swimming team does not need to pay, but must submit a transfer form to the treasurer. The amount for the new season is posted on the Pacific Swimming web site in mid-August.  The fee is not refundable.

Can I pay online?

YES!  We would prefer that you use the link provided on the invoice instead of sending a check – it saves time and postage for you (or the risk of a lost check if sent by snail mail or if brought to the pool) and trips to the post office and bank for the treasurer.

Can I pay by credit card?

No. We do not have a credit card option at this time.  Please do not use the website to make payments! We are not using the Team Unify billing system (it is disabled).

How can I indicate which fee schedule I prefer?

For new swimmers, you will indicate when you register. For continuing swimmers, once you have indicated to the treasurer which schedule you prefer (monthly or quarterly), you will be billed automatically that way until you give notice by email otherwise. If you change your mind before the 5th of the month, please let the Treasurer know immediately so the billing may be revised.

What if my child gets promoted mid-quarter to a higher level?

You will pay the difference for the months swam at a higher level.  For example, if you started as a Piranha in March, and are promoted April 1, the difference between the Piranha rate ($100) and the Tiger Shark rate ($120) would be $20 per month, or $40 for the rest of the quarter.  Promotions made mid-month have a “grace” period; billing for the higher level begins on the 1st of the month following the promotion.

What if my child has a scholarship?

Please contact the Treasurer to determine your payment schedule and rates.