Swim Groups

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Swim Groups

Beginner (ages 6-10): Swimmers in the Beginner group can comfortably swim 25 yards of two different competitive strokes.  Beginner swimmers typically come from the Pre Swim Team group, although several will have competed in Summer Recreational Teams for a few years.  Beginners possess maturity to follow coaches’ instructions and safety rules.  Beginners can identify all four competitive swimming strokes.  Beginners will have the skills necessary to compete in local USA Swimming meets.  It is recommended the Beginners compete in at least two USA Swimming meets before moving to the Intermediate group. 

Upon Completing the Beginner Group Swimmers Will Be Able To:

  • Perform 4 competitive strokes legally for 50 yards
  • Perform the appropriate starts & finishes for each stroke
  • Perform the appropriate turns for distances over 25 yards
  • Actively watch pace clock and leave for sets at the appropriate time

Intermediate (ages 9-13):  Swimmers in the Intermediate group demonstrate the ability to do 4 competitive strokes legally for 50 yards or more.  The Intermediate swimmers tend to have at least a year experience on a USA Swimming Team.  The Intermediate group will focus on providing swimmers with skills needed to compete in USA Swimming Meets competitively.  It is recommended that all Intermediate swimmers participate in USA Swimming meets once a month and finish with an LESI Championship meet.

Upon Completing the Intermediate Group Swimmers Will Be Able To:

  • Perform 4 competitive strokes legally for 100 yards
  • Make goals based off their swim meet performances
  • Apply coaches feedback from swim meets to practices
  • Use pace clocks with little coach guidance


Advanced:  Swimmers in this group have been involved in USA  Swimming for a few years.  Some advanced Summer Recreation Team swimmers may enter this group as their first USA Swimming experience.  Advanced swimmers understand the swim meets are benchmarks for their goal attainment and offer feedback about what can be improved in practice to meet set goals.  The focus of this group is to begin training for physiological adaptations, refining skills, and building knowledge in race tactics in order to achieve goals.  It is recommended that all Advanced swimmers attend at least one USA Swimming Meet a month, attend the highest time standard achieved meets and LESI Championships meets.

Upon Completing the Advanced Group Swimmers Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the connection between practice performance goal attainment
  • Identify and apply basic race tactics as it applies to different swimming events
  • Perform all skills/drills with high accuracy and consistency
  • Understand that achieving goals is a process that takes time and commitment
  • Perform in the sport of swimming at a District level or higher
  • Use the skills they learned through swimming to be physically active throughout life