Swim Team

MAST groups swimmers by skill level, age, level of commitment, practice habits and experience.  Our goal is to offer challenging workouts to allow swimmers to compete to the best of their abilities.  New swimmers will need to be evaluated by one of our USA Swimming coaches to determine the group that fits them best.  How To Join

Practice Times - Full Year - Check weekly updates for accurate practice times

Groups - click on each group for details

Red 1 Red 2 - Red 3 (stroke development groups)

Black 1 - Black 2 - Black 3 (training groups)

Eaglet (pre team)

Master Eagles (adult training)

Group Advancement - There is no set requirements in our program related to group advancement.  Instead, we as a staff recognize when a swimmer is ready to move on to another group.  This can happen during any part of the season.  We prefer to allow swimmers added time in their group to master the skills of that group.  We will initiate the discussion when it is time.  If you believe that there is a group misplacement issue, please bring this to the attention of our coaches so we can all be on the same page.

Swimmer Incentive ProgramsIron Eagles - Talon Times - Eagle Strong

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Team Suit and Equipment sponsored by TYR and provided by Swimville USA