Trident Tryout Information for JCC location.

Thank You for your interest in Trident Aquatic Club.

We will be hosting the next tryout for Trident Aquatic Club at the JCC Wednesday February 27th at 7pm. 

We are a year round competitive swim team located at the Staten Island JCC.  Our focus at TRI is on the training and development of the highly competitive athlete.  Along with technical development we focus on teaching responsibility, hard work and good sportsmanship. By teaching our athletes to balance academics and athletics throughout their academic career, we are preparing them for the challenges of a collegiate student-athlete and beyond. We are  dedicated to assisting children and young adults of all ages and backgrounds to achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness.

Expectations for TRI members at the JCC location:

  • Meet minimum training requirements set forth by group coach
  • Regular participation in competition
  • A desire to be part of a competitive program that emphasizes team and sportsmanship along with hard work

 THE JCC POOL OFFICE - 718-475-5215


On the day of the tryout we will have each athlete swim the four main competitive strokes. We are looking for solid stroke technique and endurance. The older the swimmer, the longer the distance we will require them to swim. The test itself will last about 10 minutes. We will group athletes for the tryout based on their age. The youngest will go first.

The four options will be one of the training groups on TRI, the waiting list, the Pre-Competitive group or lessons.

Trident Aquatic Club at the JCC


There will be a 2 week evaluation period starting on the first day of practice  This will be a time where we can make sure we placed the new swimmers correctly.  Sometimes after the tryout, which is a short snap-shot of the swimmer's ability, we discover that the swimmer was misplaced.  We want to makes sure we place our swimmers correctly in the beginning.  

If you will be accepting the invitation to join the team you must email – within 3 days after the initial posting and include the swimmer’s first and last name and group placement.  More information about each training group can be found under the "Training Groups/Fees" tab above. The training fees listed are for the year.  

Trident Aquatic Club: 

The following swimmers have been accepted to Trident Aquatic Club. The registration forms can be found below to download.  There will also be copies of the forms available in the pool office.    Please email us at and let us know that you will be accepting the invitation to join TRI at the JCC. 

The forms below are ONLY for swimmers accepted to one of the TRI training groups after the tryout- Sr1, Sr2, Jr1, Jr2 and Jr3. 

Registration Form Medical Release

Payment Form - With Swim Fees

TRI Contract

Transfer Form (if coming from another USS Team)

Results from October Tryouts

Sr 1 Training Group:

Accepting  Wait List 


Gabriel Gomero

Vincent Wang


Sr 2 Training Group

Accepting Wait List

Anthony Chen



Jr 1 Training Group

Accepting Wait List

Daniel Yegorov

Abigail Murray

Victoria Warchol

Pausue Feng

Lex Lidberg


Jr 2

Accepting  Wait List

Lucas Mai

Sam Aronov

Owen Splan

Eric Galperin



Jr3 Training Group

Accepting Wait List

Sophia Brown

Andri Pustina

Simon Chen

Maxim Timofeev



Pre – Competitive Program 

The JCC is trying to create two groups for the Pre-Competive Program.  

The Pre-Competitive Group begins March 3rd and you can register for this group at the front desk.

Daniel Malkov

Elif R.

Giana Hopkins

Anthony Agamy

Perla Ibrahim

David Rapoport

Matthew Sy

William Guarin

Kingston Mai

Jason Gomes

Derek Cruzatte

Kyla Hopkins

Liav Gans


Swim Lessons

The following swimmers are only beginning their journey through the sport of swimming. At this time we are recommending lessons.  Information about lessons can be found by calling the pool office at 718-475-5215

Kevin Hanna

Rafael Hanna

Mariam Hanna

Maya Chernomazov

Ceylin Boran

Robert Sheen

Haley Splan