Pre-Swim Team

The Pre-Swim Team (PST) program is a program offered through TCAT that bridges the gap between swim lessons and USA Swimming swim teams.  The goal of the Pre-Swim team is to create more competent swimmers with more confidence in their ability to perform the tasks needed to be on a swim team.  The instructors get in the water to help the swimmers while holding them to USA Swimming stroke standards.  We offer three different levels of Pre-Swim Team.

PST 1:  Introduction to Swimming Skills

PST 2:  Breaststroke and Freestyle Skills

PST 3:  Butterfly and Backstroke Skills

*Starts, Turns and Finishes will be worked on with each group level.

Here is the link to register online.  Choose "swimming" then click the days you are interested in having class.  The classes will be listed as "Pre Swim Team"