Summer Rec Team

TCAT Tigersharks

All participants will also register with to take advantage of the communication and meet registration features now available.  There will be a parent meeting on May 24 at 6pm.  Instructions for how to register are below:

Summer Rec Informational Flier

Summer Rec Team Registration

Twinsburg's summer rec swim team, "the Tigersharks", is an eight week outdoor team who practices and competes at swim meets.  Starting Monday, June 5th and ending on July 31st.  There are 2 practice times available each day of the week in the morning.  Contact the coaches with any questions at [email protected]

The TCAT Tigershark coaches have experience in competitive swimming and are passionate about the sport.  Swimming is a life long sport!  Our coaches are eager to help your child/ children improve their strokes and develop them into great competitive swimmers.  We want the kids to have fun and create good relationships with their teammates!

CONTACTS Kirtis Huelsman, TCAT Head Coach             [email protected]

Branden Burns, Aquatic Director    [email protected]



  • M-F 7:45-9:00am
  • M-F 8:45-10:00am



  • Parent Meeting May 24th at 6:15pm

  • Swimmer must past the swim test to join the team. May 24th at 6 pm.

    • Required for all new participants (anyone without previous swim lessons or pre-swim team participation)

    • Complete a 1 length test demonstrating 2 competitive strokes.

  • Parent/ Guardian needs to register for the swim meets they plan to attend online a week prior to the meet.  Late registrations will not be accepted.

  • If a swimmer is unable to attend a swim meet they signed up for, please contact Coach Colleen asap.

  • Parent/ Guardian is required to volunteer at least twice at either a home or away swim meet or a team event.

  • During swim meets, swimmers are not allowed to play in the pool/ slides until after the meet is over.


**If you have any questions about the above requirements, please contact Coach Bryan.**



  • Try-ons available May 24th at 6pm.
  • Orders will be online through Aquatic Outfitters.


  • Timers- 1 person needed per lane.

  • Time Runner-  takes the result slips from timers  in each lane and gives the slip to the computer operator.

  • Score Keeper- writes down the places of each heat and hands it to the score runner.

  • Score Runner- after each heat, collect the slip from the score keeper and hands it to the computer operator.

  • Ribbons- hands out the ribbons to the swimmers.

  • On deck announcer- announces what events need to begin lining up for their events.  This person will remain at the hill where the Tigershark team is seated and they make sure the kids know when to line up for their events.  A minimum of 2 people need to volunteer for this position per meet.