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'21-'22 Registration

 2021-2022 Sailfish REGISTRATION

Read Coach Kevin's Intro Letter to the Team

Below are the items you will need for your swimmers to be completely registered with the team.  Return them to Coach Kevin in-person by putting them on his desk at the College Park Pool or by mail to 2052 Rebel Road, Lexington, KY 40503.

PLEASE FILL OUT PARTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

1.  Team registration forms *download here*, including: 
(a) signed fee agreement
(b) athlete and parent information forms,
(c) media release authorization, and
(d) $200 registration fee ($50 if doing SaturFish)
(e) and if
 desired, direct payment (auto-debit) authorization with voided check .

2.  USA Swimming Year-Round Athlete Registration form:  *download here*
*note: Team is "Swimchester Sailfish", club code is "SWSF", and LSC code is "KY". Check "Premium" for membership type.
**note 2: this fee is included in your registration for the team. Do not send additional check to KYLSC.

3. Acknowledgement of MAAPP Policy form: 
download here, sign and return*
-please read all MAAPP documents HERE

4. Doctor's Physical Exam- Most of you will already have had this done for the new school year.  Please provide a copy with your other registration documents.  If you have not already had this done, I understand doctors have massive backups, so please get in as soon as you reasonably can.

5.  Team Sponsorship Form- *download here* Sponsorships go a LONG way for the Sailfish.  Please reach out to businesses to which you have a connection and ask them to become a sponsor!

Required Equipment

  Mesh Bag Fins Kickboard Pull Buoy Paddles Snorkel
Senior Y Y Y Y Y Y
Gold Y Y Y Y Y N
Silver Y Y Y Y N N
Bronze Y Y Y N N N
SaturFish Y Y Y N N N

We are a TYR-sponsored team.  So when able, please purchase TYR products, as we get 8% back on every purchase from them. You can purchase this equipment from Pannell Swim Shop in Lexington or at
EXAMPLES: mesh bags, fins, kickboards, pull buoys, snorkelpaddles (sizing is SUPER important...paddle should not extend more than 1cm beyond the fingertips...err on the side of too small rather than too large)



Please make all checks payable to "Swimchester Sailfish".
For more information please email Coach Kevin at [email protected]