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Q: Where can I find information about the various swim groups at SBSC?

A: Click on the tab “SBSC Groups”.  Each group listed provides visitors with information about the schedule, monthly fees, coaches, and equipment necessary for participation in the group.


Q: It appears that there are a lot of swim practices offered every week - is every practice mandatory for participation at SBSC? 

A: No.  Absolutely not.  SBSC coaches are proud to inform parents that SBSC is an incredibly flexible athletic organization.   All SBSC members are welcome to set up a practice attendance schedule that works best for their own lifestyle.  Athletes who want to have a successful swimming experience tend to participate with greater frequency, but this is a personal choice based upon personal goals.  SBSC has athletes who attend 100% of the practices offered, and athletes who attend on an abbreviated schedule. 


SBSC coaches recognize that many families want to pursue a variety of athletic, academic and social activities and we don't ever want to force a family to choose between swimming and another activity.  Swimming is offered as a year-round sport - so we will always be at the pool coaching swimmers -  but we completely understand and support team members who have a variety of other interests and activities.


Q: Are swim competitions mandatory?

A: No.  Swim meets are not mandatory, but they are fun, and they're really the best way to get "in" to the sport.  SBSC participants who attend meets are usually very satisfied with their experience.  Additionally, coaches use swim meet participation to evaluate athletes when considering whether an athlete should move-up to the next group.  Some groups, like the Advanced Age Group, require consistent participation at swim meets in order to be a member of the group.


Q: What is an Evaluation and why do new swimmers need to get evaluated?

A: SBSC has a variety of different swim groups offered each week.  Some groups swim 45 minutes, 3 days per week while others swim up to 6 days per week, for up to 120 minutes at a time.  SBSC coaches evaluate an athletes’ current swim ability level so we can properly place them in an initial group.


Q: What should we bring to an evaluation?

A: Your swimmer should come prepared to swim with a suit, goggles, and if they choose, a cap. We ask that you arrive prepared to fill out the registration packet and the USA swimming registration card. The registration packet is also available on our website under the Info tab. We will need to see a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport. Two checks are required at sign up, one to Southern California Swimming for $66 (payable once a fiscal year) and one to Santa Barbara Swim Club for an amount to be determined after the placement of your child into a swim group and a one-time $20 membership activation fee. Once registered, we will send you a log in for our website and instructions on auto payment so that you may put a credit card on file if you choose to.


Q: Are there any other financial obligations?

A: Fundraising is a crucial component of the ongoing success of the Santa Barbara Swim Club, a non-profit organization. SBSC requires a quarterly fiscal club support contribution in the amount of $56 per family. Many families choose to raise this amount through the purchase of SCRIP, through our annual Swim-a-Thon, or by sponsoring awards at our hosted swim meets. You will receive a monthly email regarding our SCRIP program with instructions on how to sign up. Novice swimmers are exempt from the club support obligation. Swim meet entries are also an additional charge. This amount goes towards Southern California Swimming and the hosting swim team. 


Q: Can an athlete move-up into the next group mid-season?

A: In most cases the answer is YES, however, the move-up process isn’t a black and white qualification process.  Coaches look at age, swim meet attendance, skill level, and practice behavior when analyzing athletes.


Q: My child would like to participate in a meet. How do we sign up and how does it work?

A: Our upcoming swim meets will be posted on the Home Page. When sign ups are available, and Edit Commitment tab will appear next to the listed meet. By clicking on this tab, you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to sign up your swimmer. By clicking on the meet name, you will be directed to a page with information on the meet itself. The Info tab at the top of our website has useful information on what to bring to a swim meet. If you still have questions, you may email your swimmer's coach or the swim office. Finally, there are no exceptions to the deadlines for meet sign ups. These deadlines are set by Southern California Swimming.


Q: Is your program year round?

A: Yes. We have both a short course and a long course season. If necessary, your swimmer may take a leave of absence. However, in order to suspend their account, the leave of absence must be at least one month in duration. We do not offer proration for partial month leave of absences. You must also contact the swim office via email prior to your swimmer returning to practice. 


Q: Do we need to volunteer at swim meets?

A: Yes. At swim meets hosted by other teams, which are the majority of the swim meets we attend, we are assigned lanes in which our parents are to time, based upon the number of swimmers our club has entered in the meet. Therefore, you are required to sign up for a (usually) one hour shift of timing for each session that your swimmer is entered in at the meet. Timing is actually very easy and you have the best seat in the house to watch the swimmers compete! At the meets hosted by Santa Barbara Swim Club (usually up to three per year), it is all hands on deck. There are a variety of jobs available and most members find the jobs to be a great opportunity to meet other families in the swim club. For all meets, a Job Sign-Up tab will be available near the Edit Commitment tab on the Home Page as the date of the swim meet nears.


Q: May our family take a leave of absence from Santa Barbara Swim Club?

A: If a swimmer or their family needs to be away from the pool for an extended period of time, we will waive the fees for that swimmer, or family. The leave period must be at least 30 days. Leaves of less than 30 days will be considered optional and monthly fees will be charged. The leave of absence must be requested prior to the 1st day of the month in which the absence will commence. Club support obligation will remain in effect during leave. We will consider prorating club support only if the leave is longer than 3 months.


Please see the Membership Registration Agreement for more information.