Thunder Sponsorship Packet (PDF)

The Thunder Sponsorship Program is here!!! The above link is the Thunder Water Polo Sponsorship Packet for 2015. We are excited to reach out into our communities to find support and help promote our wonderful program ……but we need your help to make this event a success!

We are asking Thunder parents to connect with their local community businesses and reach out to friends and family that may want to our support program. Since our organization is located in three North Texas communities we have an extraordinary opportunity, with your help, to reach numerous potential Thunder Water Polo sponsors.

By helping to secure sponsorships you will be helping our club provide the resources necessary to allow our athletes to continue to grow their skills and continue in their developments as quality competitive athletes and individuals. Sponsorships will help our club continue to

  • Employ a knowledgeable and committed coaching staff
  • Provide athletes with quality equipment
  • Provide Financial Aid for athletes in need
  • Offset costs of tournament fees and travel to allow all athletes the ability to compete against other competitive clubs across the state and nation
  • Keep costs to athletes’ families to a minimum to allow anyone who wants to learn and be competitive in the sport of water polo to do so

Please take a moment and read through the attached Sponsorship Package. If you know of a person or a business that you believe would support our program feel to print our package and introduce them to Thunder Water Polo. If you have any questions please contact Carrie Mahan at or at 940-300-7061.

For Additional Information, please contact Keeley Lowery at