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  • All tryouts are conducted at either Washington City Community Center or Sand Hollow Aquatic center 
  • Contact Coach Dani (TEXT 435-669-6093) to get on the list for tryouts, as we tend to fill up quickly (only 8 allowed per tryout).
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Pre-Comp Season Dates 2020:  

  Dates Days off Meet # Prct
Fall 1 Sept 3-Oct 10      
  Oct 15-Nov 21      
Fall 2 Oct. 17 & 31    
  23-Nov 16
  Jan 7-Feb 13      
Winter Feb. 6    
  Mar 31-May 14      
Spring 1 Apr. 22    
  16-May 21

**For all above sessions, note during registration which dates are NO PRACTICE dates!!!

Meet Dates (there is a session-ending meet for all Pre-Comp swimmers)

  • Fall 2019 (both sessions):  Nov. 23 -- 8:00 AM check in at Washington Rec Center
  • Winter Refresher 2020: No meet
  • Spring 2020:  May 16 -- 8:00 AM check in at Washington
  • Summer 2020: meets available at various times throughout summer

Meets are held at WCCC unless other info goes out via email.  8-10 AM

So you want to join SUSA?  Here is what you need to know:

1.  We begin with a tryout.  Most tryouts are held on scheduled days at Washington City Community Center. Please contact Coach Dani (TEXT 435-669-6093)  to find out when the next tryout will be held.

2.  Once we evaluate your child's skills, we will be able to tell you which of our groups would be the best fit.  We can then discuss locations, practice times and costs of the program.  Generally, we have the following options, but your child's tryout is critical to determining the appropriate group.

  • Pre-Comp 1 -- Intermediate Skills -- 3 days per week for 30 minutes.
  • Pre-Comp 2 -- Advanced Skills -- 3 days per week for 40 minutes.
  • Pre-Comp 3/Team Prep -- Conditioning and skills preparation for joining team -- 3 days per week for 50 min.
  • Royal Rays 1 & 2 (intermediate skill levels) -- practice minimum 3-4 days per week for 75-90 minutes
  • Stingrays 1 & 2 (advanced skill levels) -- practice minimum 5-6 times per week for 90-120 minutes, dryland workouts for Stingrays 2
  • Senior Development (ages 15+, intermediate and advanced) -- practice minimum 4-5 times per week for 90-120 minutes
  • National Development (ages 15+, advanced) -- practice minimum 8 times per week for 120 minutes plus dryland workouts

3.  Once you have been assigned a group, go online to register at  For out Pre-Comp groups, you will click on the tab labeled "Pre-Team," next to the Home Page button.  You pay a one-time fee per session.  For our Competition Team, you will be required at registration to pay USA Swimming registration* and team membership dues.  If registering after the 25th of the month, you will not be billed for that month (you can start on the first of the following month).  If registering before the 25th of the month, you will be billed for that month.   Dues range from $55-$120, depending on your location and practice group.  You do not need to be a member at any of the facilities to join.  However, if you choose to practice at Summit, you will be billed for a Summit non-member usage fee as part of your monthly dues.

4.  After registering, you should receive a confirmation email prompting you to create a login and password. This password will allow you access to our site, including viewing your billing account, signing up for meets and checking results.  If you do not receive an email within one week of registering, please call Coach Dani at 435-669-6093.