Swim Groups

Michiana Stars offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Michiana Stars to offer age and ability specific training for all athletes. The Stars program is geared towards challenging and developing each individual specifically contributing to them becoming well rounded athletes and successful people.

All group transitions require the discretion of group coaches. Specific requirement exceptions may be granted based on individual swimmers.

Please call Coach Danny at 574-286-5569 to schedule a tryout, or click Here to send us an email request for more information.


STARFISH (Developmental)

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The ability to swim/dog paddle 25 yards unassisted (1 pool length)

EQUIPMENT: Competitive swim fins

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 45-60 minute sessions twice per week. M/W or T/TH, optional Fridays.


Our introductory group introduces young athletes to the world of competitive swimming. Your Starfish will develop the following skills:

● A high level of comfortability and safety in the water

● Freestyle and Backstroke swimming with drills

● Racing starts both Freestyle (head first progression checklist) and Backstroke

● Knowledge of sport terminology, equipment, practice rules and competition/stroke rules

● Fun connections with peers while learning required skills and making friends.

● A comfortable and positive coach/athlete relationship

● Freestyle with the ability to use 3-count side breathing and  swim lengths of 25, 50, 75, 100 yards/meters 

● Backstroke with the ability to swim a legal 25, 50 yd/meters and proper stroke count 


Starfish practices incorporate activities both in and out of the water. Swim competitions are offered throughout the season and strongly encouraged. Starfish swimmers must participate in at least one competition and have mastered/demonstrated the above requirements in order to transition into the next appropriate successive Stars group.

SHOOTING STARS (Developmental/1st LevelTraining)
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Demonstrate proficiency in freestyle, backstroke, and a head first diving entry.
EQUIPMENT: Competitive swim fins and snorkel
PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 90 minute sessions offered five days per week include activities in and out of the water.
Shooting Stars I - Second Level Developmental Group
Our second level developmental group continues to build upon freestyle and backstroke starts and
swimming skills while adding development of the following skills:
● Breaststroke and Butterfly swimming and drills
● Open turns for each stroke and flip turns for freestyle and backstroke.
● Strong core and flutter kick without interrupted scissor kick
● Fun connections with peers while learning required skills and making friends.
● Transition recreational swimmers into an athletes while building a positive athlete/coach
   and peer relationships.
● Execute/demonstrate the following:
   200 yard/meter freestyle incorporating flip turns
   100 yard IM with correct transitions and turns
   50 yard/meter of each competitive stroke incorporating a start and turn
Shooting Stars II - First Level Training Group
Our first level training group is a succession within Shooting Stars allowing athletes to be
challenged in a more rigorous way while remaining with their peers. This level incorporates the
same Shooting Stars I development in addition to the following skills:
● 200 yard/meter IM and 100 yard/meter of each stroke
● Breaststroke with pull-outs off starts and turns.
● Butterfly with appropriate underwater dolphin kick off starts and turns.
● Learn training sets, reading pace clock, terminology, & equipment.
● 10 & U Divisional/State qualifying times with strong focus on technique.
● Increase the number of season competition commitments
● Athletes transition into RockStars (2nd level) or Pre-Senior (3rd level) training groups
   depending on age, ability, and/or peer groups.
● Execute/demonstrate the following:
   200 yard/meter IM with correct turns
   100 yards/meters each of the four competitive strokes including legal turns
   4 x 50’s kick on 1:00 followed by 4 x 50’s swim on 1:00
Shooting Stars are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one competition per month
each season and have mastered/demonstrated the above requirements in order to transition
into the next next appropriate successive Stars group.
ROCKSTARS (2nd Level Training)
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Proficient in 200 yard/meter IM, 100 yard/meter of each stroke, basic swim training knowledge
EQUIPMENT: Competitive swim fins and snorkel
PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 90-120 minute sessions, offered five to six days per week
Through the application of drills/skills/and repeating of sound basic swimming fundamentals and racing strategies, your RockStars are introduced to the bigger world of competitive swimming including development of the following:
Second Level Training Group
● Advancement in training intensity for Rockstars both mentally and athletically.
● Race strategies and goal setting with process oriented structure.
● 11 & Over Divisional/State qualifying times with strong focus on technique.
● Increased intensity and duration of STARS entire training process.
● “Swimmer” mentality and an increased understanding of stroke technique.
● More rigorous technique execution of all competitive strokes.
● Balance training with fun by introducing more advanced tools and techniques.
● Swimming specific dryland exercises that incorporate body strength, balance, stretching, and coordination.
● Create experienced swimmers interested in a more focused commitment to swimming as their sport.
● Swimmers work toward execution of the following test sets in order to transition into the next appropriate     successive STARS group.​
  10 x 100 Swim @ 1:40
  5 x 100 Kick @ 2:15
  500 freestyle non-stop executing flip turns
  100 yards/meters each of the four competitive strokes in competition
  200 IM in competition

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers should be 8th Grade through High School

EQUIPMENT: Swim fins, kick board, pull-buoy, and paddles (green size 1)

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: Monday thru Friday 60-75 minutes/sessions including training in and out of the water.

This group is designed for the older 8th Grade through High School swimmer who wants to develop their competitive swimming skills without committing to the more rigorous training of the advanced groups. Practices are offered 5x/week for at least 60 minutes with a heavy emphasis on skill development, refinement, and high school goal setting. Meets/competitions are available, but optional. 


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 11-14 years old, with the ability to complete a legal 400 IM, meet practice attendance requirements and the willingness to work hard to achieve goals.

EQUIPMENT: Kick board, fins, pull buoy, paddles, and a competitive snorkel.

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 6 sessions per week (Monday - Saturday), lasting up to 2 hours each are offered. Swimmers should attend as many as possible. Dryland training is included.

The pre-senior group is for experienced, advanced swimmers between the ages of 11 and 14 who are interested in developing into successful senior and high performance swimmers in the near future. This group will have an increased workload and performance expectations. Higher level stroke instruction, the mental game, and dry land training are increased. 



MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Usually 13 and older, with the ability to perform a 400 IM and the willingness to work hard to be successful.

EQUIPMENT: Fins, kick board, paddles (Strokemaker size 1 or 2), pull-buoy, and snorkel

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: Training is offered up to 6 days per week, some mornings plus dry land/weights.

The Senior Group consists of 13 and older swimmers who have chosen swimming as their dedicated sport. Technique continues to be refined to a high level and the goal is to compete at the USA state and sectional level and at the HS conference and sectional/state level during high school season. Conditioning is emphasized, with a heavy emphasis on the hard work needed to develop into a superior athlete. Dryland training and weight training are introduced and developed. Mental/emotional aspects of higher performance are introduced. 


REQUIREMENTS: Senior State Level cut times, Process and Goal oriented 

EQUIPMENT: Short Fins, kick board, paddles, pull-buoy, snorkel

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: Up to 7 days/week, 20-25 hours including swimming, dryland, mental/emotional competitive development, and weights

This is the highest level competitive group in STARS. Recommended for swimmers aged 15 and over (HS, college, post grad) who wish to compete in Sectional, National, and potentially International competitions. We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible for Academic honors and pointing towards swimming in college. This group is high intensity, highly technical, and focused on the three main areas of improvement in swimming: Technique, Strength/Power, and Conditioning. Workouts are offered up to seven days/week and practices are individually tailored for personalized success.