Dryland Training Partners

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Below are the preliminary group assignments for returning swimmers.  Please register for the group listed below.  If you would like to challenge your group assignment please attend tryouts!


Member Name Registration Group
Ade, Natalie Swimmer Tryout
Antanavicius, Izabele Red
Arbes, Andrew White
Arbes, Chloe White
Arbes, Nicholas Maroon
Bajus, Charlotte Swimmer Tryout
Bajus, Vivian Swimmer Tryout
Barber, Avery Maroon
Barton, Liv Swimmer Tryout
Barton, William Swimmer Tryout
Bay, Alexandre Swimmer Tryout
Bay, Claudia Swimmer Tryout
Beisty, Lila Maroon
Belveal, Alexandra Maroon
Belveal, John Swimmer Tryout
Belveal, Scott Red
Bennett, Sydney White
Bentley, Chase Red
Bernabeo, Devon Maroon
Bernabeo, Graham White
Bevenour, Holly Red
Binder, Lily Swimmer Tryout
Binder, Samuel Swimmer Tryout
Birchler, Zachary Red
Blewett, Hanna Blue
Bloomfield, Gianna White
Boerger, Thomas Blue
Bolden, Nicholas White
Booz, Emily Blue
Botticelli, Brandon Swimmer Tryout
Botticelli, David Swimmer Tryout
Botticelli, Nicholas Diving
Bowes, Clayton High School
Bowman, Brandon Red
Brady, Peyton Diving
Brady, Sydney Diving
Branes-Huff, Luke Maroon
Branigan, Carter Maroon
Breck, Payton Maroon
Breck, Preston Swimmer Tryout
Brennan, Theresa Red
Brewington, Brooks Swimmer Tryout
Brewington, Jake Swimmer Tryout
Brewington, Ryan Swimmer Tryout
Bridy, Benjamin Swimmer Tryout
Brook, Eliza High School
Brook, Zachary High School
Brown, Aidan Maroon
Brown, Oliver Blue
Brown, Reece Swimmer Tryout
Brown, Tatum Swimmer Tryout
Buckley, Alexandra High School
Buckley, Claudia High School
Buggie, Nicholas White
Burke, Emma Red
Burling, Britta Red
Cairns, Megan Swimmer Tryout
Carrigan, Bryn White
Carrigan, Kinsey White
Carter, Giselle Swimmer Tryout
Carter, Sophie Swimmer Tryout
Casey, Isabella Red
Casey, Patrick Maroon
Casey, Sofia Swimmer Tryout
Cella, Olivia Red
Chanenson, Benjamin Black
Chapin, Abigail Maroon
Chen, Chase High School
Chen, Conan Red
Chettle, Brian Diving
Chettle, Derek High School
Chettle, Timothy Red
Choi, Noah Swimmer Tryout
Chou, Tiffany High School
Chung, Shana Maroon
Church, JC White
Componovo, Samantha Diving
Condran, Julia High School
Coonley, Campbell Maroon
Coonley, Coleman White
Corr, Robert White
Cosgrave, Tess Swimmer Tryout
Cosgrove, Cole Swimmer Tryout
Cosgrove, Rhett Maroon
Cosgrove, William Blue
Covello, Christine Maroon
Covello, Ryan Red
Curca, Roei White
Cutler, Paige Diving
Darvish, Anahita Maroon
Davis, Amanda High School
Davis, Andrew High School
Deputy, Henry Swimmer Tryout
DeRoos, Annika Diving
DiCarlo, Victoria Red
Diehl, Lauren Black
Dill, Fionnuala Diving
Dirkes, Margaret Swimmer Tryout
Donaher, Shane High School
Dougherty, Katherine White
Dougherty, Regan White
Douglas, Cameron Swimmer Tryout
Dudley, Madeleine Swimmer Tryout
Duffy, Anna High School
Duffy, PJ Red
Effron, Hayden Swimmer Tryout
Effron, Olivia Swimmer Tryout
Elliott, Nora White
Engle, Allison Red
Engle, Madeline Swimmer Tryout
Eraso, Sabina Swimmer Tryout
Erdem, Tara Diving
Ernst, Margo Swimmer Tryout
Evitts, Ashley White
Evitts, Melanie White
Farhy, Seneca Swimmer Tryout
Fenlin, Milly Swimmer Tryout
Fleming, Alanna Swimmer Tryout
Fleming, Alixandra White
Flotron, Ainsley Red
Freemann, Ryder Swimmer Tryout
Freemann, Tosh Swimmer Tryout
Fujii, Kota Swimmer Tryout
Fujii, Sota Swimmer Tryout
Fullem, Caroline White
Fullem, Maggie Swimmer Tryout
Gaffney, Madison Black
Gatta, Finnegan Swimmer Tryout
Geisel-Weijts, William High School
Getty, Jill Maroon
Giannella, Gregory High School
Giannella, Stephen High School
Giardinelli, Haleigh White
Gildea, Alison White
Gildea, Thomas White
Giuntoli, Alexandra Swimmer Tryout
Giuntoli, Anastasia Swimmer Tryout
Goncher, Sarah Blue
Gourmand, Alexandra Swimmer Tryout
Gourmand, Sophie Swimmer Tryout
Granson, Anna Red
Gray, Matthew Maroon
Grimley, Jack Swimmer Tryout
Grimley, Taylor Red
Gustafson, Andrei Diving
Hahn, Lily Maroon
Hahn, Sarah Black
Hain, Sydney White
Haley, Matthew Diving
Hall, Maia Diving
Hall, Sonia Diving
Handal, Isabel Black
Harris, Emily Diving
Hartman, Asa Red
Hartman, Helene White
Hatzell, Luke Diving
Hay, Louise Maroon
Heldring, Olivia White
Hillier, Avery Diving
Hillier, Caroline Diving
Hillman, Emmett White
Hillman, Reese Red
Hinckle, Riley White
Hofmeyr, John Swimmer Tryout
Holsten, Paige Swimmer Tryout
Holtsberg, Cathryn Maroon
Hopkins, David White
Hornbaker, Adam High School
Hornbaker, Evan Swimmer Tryout
Hsu, Sharon High School
Huang, Baylee Maroon
Hunter, Aidan Black
Islam, Marvin Red
Iyer, Arun Swimmer Tryout
Iyer, Jan Swimmer Tryout
Izzetoglu, Banu Swimmer Tryout
Izzetoglu, Duru Swimmer Tryout
Joo, Jessee Black
Kalandadze, Anna Blue
Kanto, Connor Black
Kaplan, Phillip Black
Kaplan, William Maroon
Kellerman, Jacob Red
Kellerman, Nathan Red
Kelley, Lily Red
Kellis, Daniel Diving
Kelly, Cailin Swimmer Tryout
Kelly, Cameron High School
Kelly, Lindsay Maroon
Kent, Brenna Swimmer Tryout
Kent, William Swimmer Tryout
Kese, Andrew High School
Klaehn, Alina Maroon
Klaehn, Mateo Red
Klaehn, Milla Swimmer Tryout
Kolber, Daniel Diving
Koptyra, Zachary Swimmer Tryout
Kozlowska, Milena Swimmer Tryout
Krisko, Caroline White
Krug, Alyssa Swimmer Tryout
Krug, Kyle White
Kubo, Takumi Swimmer Tryout
Kuklani, Richa Red
Lake, Alice Swimmer Tryout
LaVine, Mia Swimmer Tryout
Lawrey, Daniel High School
Ledwith, Chase Maroon
Ledwith, Madison Blue
Lee, Samantha High School
Lehman, Caleb Black
Lewis, Abigail High School
Lewis, Aubrey White
Lewis, Cooper Red
Li, Kevin Swimmer Tryout
Lindgren, Anne White
Lindgren, John Maroon
Long, Cecilia Maroon
Look, Ryan Black
Lunger, Julia High School
MacCormick, Erica High School
MacKenzie, Edith White
Mackenzie, Lydia Maroon
Magee, Emme White
Margolies, Audrey Maroon
Marino, Michael Swimmer Tryout
Marshall, Alice High School
Massaua, Cecilia Swimmer Tryout
Massimino, Melissa Maroon
McCloskey, Chloe Red
McCloskey, Mia White
McCloskey, Micaela Red
McConnell, Jack Black
McCue, Kiley Black
McCulloch, Alexandra White
McDonnell, Declan Maroon
McDonough, Hayleigh White
McDonough, Shannon White
McGranaghan, Jazzy High School
McGranaghan, Sophia Red
McKeaney, Alexandra Black
McKeaney, Anders White
McKeaney, Audrey Red
McKeaney, Avery Maroon
McKeaney, Scottie Maroon
McLean, Julia Diving
Merriam, Isabelle Swimmer Tryout
Merriam, Natalie Swimmer Tryout
Metzger, Zoe High School
Miller, Kaitlyn Maroon
Mlodzienski, Leo Red
Mlodzienski, Nicholas Black
Mlodzienski, Sophia Red
Monahan, Caroline Red
Mooney, Margaret Red
Mooney, Marin White
Morrissey, Eadlin Swimmer Tryout
Moscol, Lina Diving
Movsowitz, Noah White
Movsowitz, Ryan Red
Moyher, Emily Blue
Mucksavage, Colin Swimmer Tryout
Mucksavage, Keira Swimmer Tryout
Mucksavage, Maeve Swimmer Tryout
Muetterties, Paige Swimmer Tryout
Muetterties, Zoe White
Mullarkey, Julia High School
Murray Hayden, Caroline White
Naegle, Drew Swimmer Tryout
Naegle, Jack White
Nagel, Eliza Swimmer Tryout
Nagel, Luke Maroon
Nagel, Mackenzie Red
Neeb, Hager Diving
Neilly, Hannah Red
Neilly, Harry Swimmer Tryout
Neilly, Holden Swimmer Tryout
Neilly, Mary White
Neilly, R.J. Swimmer Tryout
Norton, Blair Swimmer Tryout
Norton, Gray Swimmer Tryout
Oates, Andie Blue
O'Brien, Caleb High School
Octaviano, Antonio Blue
Octaviano, Zoie Blue
Olmstead, Will Black
O'Neill, Eleanor Red
O'Neill, Emmie Maroon
Osman, Caroline Black
Oswald, Delaney Red
Oswald, Ryane Maroon
Oswald, Zachary Red
Overton, Claire Diving
Park, Sang-Hee High School
Parsells, Catherine Red
Pawlow, Caroline Black
Pawlow, Matthew Maroon
Peck, Zachary Swimmer Tryout
Pepper, Noah High School
Perlis, Mia Swimmer Tryout
Philardeau-Planche, Louise Swimmer Tryout
Philardeau-Planche, Madeleine Swimmer Tryout
Phillips, Evelyn Swimmer Tryout
Poeta, Sophia Blue
Pulliam, Madeline Swimmer Tryout
Radano, Lindsey White
Rae, Ryan Swimmer Tryout
Rai, Dyaus Black
Ramesh, Anna Red
Reilly, Margaux Swimmer Tryout
Reilly, Susannna Swimmer Tryout
Reilly, Theadora Swimmer Tryout
Reynolds, Emily Red
Richards, Alice Swimmer Tryout
Richardson, Alexander Swimmer Tryout
Robbins, Alexandra Swimmer Tryout
Rockich, Natalie Swimmer Tryout
Rongione, Mab Diving
Rosin, Samantha White
Ryan, Tara High School
Sanchez, Carlos Maroon
Sanchez, Leo Swimmer Tryout
Sanderson, Anna Swimmer Tryout
Scannapieco, Joey Red
Schreder, Gabrielle Swimmer Tryout
Scott, Aidan Red
Scott, Anna Swimmer Tryout
Scott, Eliza Swimmer Tryout
Shagena, Elizabeth White
Shagena, John White
Shieh, Lila Diving
Shoumer, Sarah White
Simpson, Bree Swimmer Tryout
Simpson, Mia Swimmer Tryout
Sims, Archer Swimmer Tryout
Sims, Laney Swimmer Tryout
Sims, Mac Red
Slate, Gavin Red
Smolyansky, Sasha High School
Snyder, Christopher Black
Spillane, Evan Red
Spillane, Lauren Blue
Spray, Spencer Diving
Springer, Benjamin White
Staley, Caroline Swimmer Tryout
Staseen, Tobias Swimmer Tryout
Stassen, Arthur Swimmer Tryout
Struyk, Brooke Swimmer Tryout
Struyk, Spencer Swimmer Tryout
Swanick, Kylie Black
Sylvester, Samuel Swimmer Tryout
Tague, Ryan High School
Takumi, Kubo Swimmer Tryout
Tapper, Alexandra Swimmer Tryout
Tapper, Avery Swimmer Tryout
Teo, Alexander Swimmer Tryout
Teo, Andrei Swimmer Tryout
Tierney, Brady Red
Tierney, Carson White
Tobias, Erin White
Todd, Collin Maroon
Todd, Maddy High School
Toth, Sarah Maroon
Trindade, Simon Swimmer Tryout
Tsitsios, Demetrios Diving
Vanderslice, Gabrielle Red
Vines, Julia Swimmer Tryout
Vollmer, Cassidy Swimmer Tryout
Vos, Caroline Swimmer Tryout
Wagman, Micah Black
Wakiyama, Grace High School
Wakiyama, Kelsey Maroon 
Walters, Laura Diving
Walters, Scott Swimmer Tryout
Waltman, Madeline Diving
Weatherup, Kate Red
Welsh, Aidan Swimmer Tryout
Welsh, Kyle Swimmer Tryout
Wendt, Hogan Swimmer Tryout
Wendt, Louisa Red
Wheeler, RJ Maroon
Whelan, Aislyn Swimmer Tryout
Whitcomb, Karis White
Wiley, Merritt Swimmer Tryout
Williams, Cameron Maroon
Williams, Joshua White
Wilson, Brooke Red
Wilson, Frances Maroon
Wilson, Jake White
Wilson, Taylor Maroon
Wolfington, Abby Red
Wolfington, Bailey Maroon
Wolfington, Demi Red
Wolin, Anneliese White
Wolin, Genevieve White
Worton, Alexandra White
Worton, Sophia Swimmer Tryout
Wydeven, Emma Black
Wydeven, Lucy Black
Xu, Matthew Maroon
Xu, Melinda Maroon
Yarmark, Natalie White
Young, Jenna High School
Young, Owen Swimmer Tryout
Yu, Alexander Swimmer Tryout
Yu, Andrew Swimmer Tryout
Yurchak, Paige Red
Zherka, Ilira High School